CLANS, DSW, in association with Department of Civil Engineering, FET

Visit toSenior Secondary School, Panhera Khurd 
Date & time 28th May, 2022
Number of Students 18 Students from Civil Engg, Biotech and Mechanical Engg Departments
Faculty CoordinatorsDr Sadiqa Abbas, Dr Anjali Gupta and Mr Haobam Derit

“Water scarcity has become a big problem today; if it is not taken care of in time, it will become a threat in the future”.

 The Department of Civil Engineering in association with Clan Watersharks, Department of Students Welfare organized a one-day visit to Senior Secondary School, Panhera Khurd. A group of 18 UG students from Civil Engg, Biotech and Mechanical Engg Departments along with Dr Sadiqa Abbas (Professor-Civil), Dr Anjali Gupta (Professor-Civil) and Mr Haobam Derit (Assistant Professor- Civil) visited the school. The visit was organized by Clan Water Sharks under the supervision of Clan Chief -WS Dr. Pooja Khurana and Clan Vice Chief Dr. Arvind Dalal. The objective of this visit was to make school students aware about water conservation and quality challenges.

Dr. Sadiqa Abbas and Dr Anjali Gupta along with other team members interacted with class 12th students and briefed them that water has become one of the most debatable resources of the future, whereas it is becoming limited and requires better and more cautious consumption in the future. They also explained about the water supply system for homes, estimation of water requirement for drinking and domestic use per person per day and rainwater harvesting.

Furthermore, the students were asked to share their ideas to reduce water consumption. Students showed great zeal and enthusiasm in learning.  Overall it was a good and motivating experience.

Finally, we are thankful to the Management, Dr. O.P. Bhalla Foundation and Senior Functionaries of MREI, School Principal, Head Faculty Member Gopal Ji, Staff and Transport Department for extending all the support in facilitating this.Stay Safe, Stay Healthy…!!!