Manav Rachna Shooting Academy organized a 10-day customised Training Camp under the leadership of Petar Gorsa

Manav Rachna Shooting Academy organized an intense 10-day customised Training Camp ‘Champion
The Rifle’ for 10M and 50M Rifle shooters under the capable leadership of former World No.1, Olympian
Shooter, Multiple World Cup medalist and Coach- Petar Gorsa of Croatia. Twelve shooters from around
India, including Olympian Divyansh Singh Panwar, participated in the training camp being conducted
from May 26 and June 4. Mr. Petar Gorsa, the champion himself, teamed up with Manav Rachna and
used the world-class facilities of the Sports Science Centre and Sports Academy to act as a shooting
instructor and provide international-standard teaching to aspiring shooters. He’ll also act as a coach’s
mentor, supporting coaches in learning about different aspects of the game.
Mr. Petar Gorsa has a World Cup gold medal and four World Championship silver medals to his credit.
He has displayed his shooting acumen in two European Championships, and has earned countless
international accolades. He competed in the 2008, 2012, 2016, and 2020 Summer Olympics, and is
presently preparing for his fifth Olympic cycle, which will take place in Paris in 2024. He was
instrumental in supporting the Indian Shooting Team in their training for the Tokyo Olympics in Croatia.
Since last 15 years, he has been a mentor to many athletes while being an active athlete himself.
Petar Gorsa has been associated with Manav Rachna since December 2021, providing advice and
assistance to the young shooters.
The goal of this camp was to teach all students about the value of sports science in the realm of
shooting. Along with the premise of personalised training, Petar Gorsa is advancing training through
technical and mental advice, as well as Sports Science Assistance. Enrolling in the sport science support
programme entitles students to a two-day whole-body examination that includes body composition
analysis with nutrition guidance, injury assessment, techno-body assessment, functional and sport-
specific screening, and report sharing.
Petar Gorsa shared his vision of this training camp, “We are envisioning this training camp from the
Olympic lens, and I am exclusively sharing whatever I have acquired in my 20 years of international
career. The young trainees here will learn the right way to reach the goal and the direct approach to be
‘the one’ in future.”
Manav Rachna has cutting-edge infrastructure in 10mtr, 25mtr, & shotgun-shooting in part of
its commitment towards athletic excellence. It strives to maintain a strong and dynamic academic
foundation in the field of shooting in order to ensure a comprehensive growth of shooters. The training
camp with Petar Gorsa at Manav Rachna’s world-class shooting facility is the road to nurturing India’s
young potential.