Expert Knowledge Partners address students on latest industry trends.

Manav Rachna University invited experts from the organizations which are its knowledge partners for the expert talk with the freshers of batch 2K19-20 during the Orientation Programme. The talk was initiated by Mr. Alok Gupta, Founder & Managing Director, and Mr. Bhanu Pratap, Pyramid Cyber Security & Forensics (P) Ltd. The importance of ethical hacking was discussed with the students. They were also made aware of the consequences of unethical hacking. The demand and need of cyber security and its present scenario were also presented to the students. Students need to specialize skills, possess & acquire knowledge, so as to come out with innovative solutions.

Next expert talk was conducted by a keynote speaker Mr. Divyanshu Sinha, Program Manager from Xebia IT Architects India Private Limited. He talked about the latest trends in IT industry viz., Deep Learning, Soft Computing, Digital Image Processing and Machine Learning. Currently, he takes care of the Program Management, Academia in Xebia & creates exciting, innovative AI & Machine Learning curriculum for the techies of the future.

The talk was concluded by Mr. Abhijeet Kulkarni from DesignTech Systems Ltd. He introduced the students with DesignTech Systems which is a leading CAD / CAE provider. He gave insight how product design analysis services including CAD and CAE can be executed. They are the providers of CAD and 3D modelling services on all the leading CAD software such as CATIA. He briefed upon the significance in designing various products before their manufacturing. The significance of multi module software was highlighted for the benefits of students to become a researcher.

All the freshers were keen to know about these knowledge partners and enjoyed the talk delivered by the experts.