Conclusion of Second Week of Non-FET Orientation Programme

A students’ day when starts with a noble activity helps streamline the thoughts and activities of the day. A tree-plantation drive was planned by the freshers of non-engineering students.

Manav Rachna International Institute of Research and Studies believes that industry-connect can prepare students for the world tomorrow, both mentally and intellectually. Keeping this in view, sessions by Ms Geetanjali Pandit, Author of bestseller ‘Buddha at Work’ and Mr. Aman Gupta, Founder SPAG were organized. Ms. Geetanjali Pandit emphasized the need of up skilling and honing existing skills. Referring to various excerpts from her novel- ‘Buddha at Work’, she said that when we have the required skills required in our profession, we can create a happy and ideal workplace. She ended by saying, “It is important to balance the conscious and unconscious mind while doing something”.

Mr. Aman Gupta, a successful entrepreneur shared his journey with the students and motivated them to follow their dreams. He said, “You don’t really find the purpose, purpose finds you”. He also shared a valuable trait that drives the minds and spirits of entrepreneurs- ‘Work for yourself’. ‘Go with the flow’, he concluded.

The week concluded in a great style statement with the fashion auditions for Manav Rachna Fashion Society.