ACCENTURE facilitated Workshop on Agile Methodology

Department of Computer Science & Technology, Manav Rachna University organized a one day Workshop on ‘Agile Methodology’ in association with Accenture on 10th March, 2017 at Manav Rachna University. The resource person for the Workshop was Mr. Parvinder Bajwa, Enterprise Agile Transformation Coach and Mr. Arjun, Associate Manager, along with Mr. Sandeep Narula from Accenture Talent Acquisition Team. Faculty members and students from CST Department attended the workshop.

 Mr. Parvinder Bajwa shared his 17 years of knowledge and experience of handling projects development using Agile Methodology. He explained the difference between Waterfall model and Agile model by making the participant experience it through the activity of ‘Airplane making’, by setting up the Agile environment of scrum master and team members. He also threw light on distributed Agile and importance of collaboration in agile development environment. He also focused on the standard and Accenture specific Agile framework. He discussed about the scrum, product backlog, sprint review and retrospect. Mr. Parvinder and Mr. Arjun engaged the participants in ‘flip coins’ activity, a lean value simulation that looks at the benefit of using smaller batch sizes, as well as identifying what has value to the customer. The participants wrote some user stories and estimated the time and efforts needed to complete the task through ‘Poker Game’.

The Workshop helped the participants to get a solid footing to apply new Agile practices to their real world work. All the members participated enthusiastically in every activity and it was overall a great learning experience and exposure to the latest industry trends.