Wearing the Right Attitude

06 Feb 2012

In the prevailing dynamic global economic scenario, intellectual competence alone cannot make you climb the ladder of success. For professional growth, one needs to have an all-round personality with a balanced fusion of domain knowledge (also called Hard Skills), Soft Skills and the Right Attitude. While understanding what is Hard Skill and the Soft Skill is easy, often individuals tend to get confused as to what is implied by Attitude', a very important facet of a towering personality.

So what is Attitude'?

There is no set definition for Attitude for it is a way of life. In very simple words, it's the way one feels, thinks and acts in any given situation/ environment. One's Attitude determines whether one tells truth or a lie', loves or hates', acts or reacts', advances or withdraws'. As a matter of fact, it is one's innate ability encompassing Emotional Component' (how you feel), Cognitive omponent' (your belief, values, perception) and a Behaviour Component' (how you act in a situation). At times, people tend to get confused between Behaviour' and Attitude'. While Behaviour' is more extrinsic and is determined by your knowledge and skills. Attitude' is more intrinsic indicating your inner values, standards, motives and ethics (characteristics largely unknown to others). Attitude sometimes is also expressed as an outward reflection of what happens inside. Amplifying further, your actions are extension of your Attitude'. Therefore, if we have to act/behave in a mature, balanced and coherent manner, we need to have the Right Attitude' also termed as Positive Attitude'. Positive Attitude is the most valuable asset of an individual as it plays pivotal role in personal growth. While some individuals are born with such attitudes, others, who have not been genetically fortunate, need not get disheartened because like Hard Skills and Soft Skills, even Attitude' can be developed/acquired. In fact, one has total control over ones Attitude' but the irony is that despite knowing this, people seldom make efforts to tame their Attitude'.

How Positive Attitude Transform your life

A person endowed with a Positive Attitude would always subscribe to Positive Thinking. And, when one thinks positively, it results in inner tranquility, improved relations, happiness and good health. It also helps in conducting daily affairs, both at a personal and professional level, more smoothly and efficiently paving way for career progression. So, if by merely acquiring a Positive Attitude' one can accrue handsome dividends, then why not give it a try. But, before you embark on this transformational journey, you must do introspection and convince yourself that you are willing for this inner change and are ready to mend the way you think. If the answer is affirmative, then the following simple tips/ techniques could help:

Things that help you to Maintain the Positive Attitude

  • Think Futuristic:-Do not sulk about events in the past. Instead, set your goals and move on.
  • Think of Solution:- Do not become part of a problem. Focus on the solution.
  • Think Positive:-Always use positive words while thinking and talking e.g It is Possible', I can do it', I am able to do it', I shall give it my best shot'. Look at the flowers and not the thorns
  • Look for Opportunity:- When faced with a challenge, do not get bogged down. Instead, look for opportunities in every challenge.
  • Be Optimistic:- Be optimistic and hopeful in your approach and expect favorable outcomes while performing any action.
  • Keep Positive Company:-Move with individuals who exude positivity as positivity is contagious.
  • Avoid Negative Thoughts:- Whenever negative thoughts tend to guide your actions, pause. Make a deliberate attempt to flush them out and let positivity prevail. It is difficult but very much possible. Meditation can also help.
  • Inspiring books/articles/movies:- Read books that have inspirational content and watch movies and TV programs that make you happy.

Finally, remember employers look for knowledge, skills, talent and attitude in the employees. Like knowledge, skills and talent, attitude' too can be acquired. By imbibing Positive Thinking' and Right Attitude', you can definitely transform your personality. So why not wear the Right Attitude and be a Winner' for lifetime. Sooner or later, those who WIN' are those who think they CAN".

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