Major Benefits of doing MBA

15 May 2011

Masters of Business Administration or simply MBA is a lucrative career option and more and more youngsters are going for it. In fact, an MBA is a very versatile degree with lots of options to choose from. Just look at the way how the number of institutions and colleges offering MBA courses has increased. Well, the reason behind this is that there are innumerable career benefits associated with an MBA degree. Before you decide to do an MBA course, you need to ask yourself why you want to pursue an MBA in the first place. You should also have a clear understanding of your career goals. This will help in choosing an MBA course that suits your interest and personality.

What do you Learn in an MBA Programme?

As we know, a graduation degree gives us a basic knowledge of our discipline of study, say, engineering, computers, arts, science, hotel management, health care, BCA, or architect, or medicine. On the other hand, MBA brings out fully baked product, or service by utilising the basic knowledge and managing the given resources, by taking decisions and by working in a team, also considering the prevailing external factors like socio-political-economic, environment forces impinging on the organisation. It is with the objective to minimise cost and to make maximum profit.

MBA is to Groom Leaders to Manage and lead the Organisation

In the words of a renowned banker, MBA degree is just like a frog in a well which besides running within the four walls of the well, keeps oneself abreast of environment outside; on the other hand, one having a postgraduate degree, simply operates within the well, keeping oneself ignorant of outside.

Successfully managing ventures of selling IDLIS (south Indian dish), or managing wellness centres, or matrimonial, or, household services, or waste management plants, besides managing giant multinationals illustrate the benefits of doing MBA.

Top Advantages of Doing MBA

  1. Every student who pursues a post-graduate programme has an objective to grow, enhance one's skill to think, and to learn to take decisions and work in a team. Earning a PG degree enhances the career prospects of a student and prepares them for managerial positions.
  2. Master in Business Administration (MBA) covers various facets of doing business, i.e. managing various resources namely, men, material, machines, money etc. It gives us an opportunity to plan, procure and manage resources in the interest of the organisation.
  3. MBA equips a student with the skill to be an entrepreneur, to plan, start a venture, to contribute to the success of a social, or commercial or giant multinationals by being a part of that organisation; or to look after the family business.
  4. MBA enables a student to learn, acquire skill, to develop our leadership skill and also to earn. MBA has proven to be an area of higher education to enable one to pursue one's own area of interest, besides having decent earnings on one's investment.

Written By:- Prof Nand Lal Dhamija, Dean,Faculty of Management Studies, MRIIRS

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