Cracking The Job Interview

02 Jan 2014

Everyone wants a great career, which is lucrative, gives you job satisfaction, and allows you to grow. It means landing your dream job and that does not come easy. One has to go through a grueling selection process for this in today's cut-throat competition. The logic is simple, everyone wants the dream job, so for such jobs, the completion is also intense. What stands between a candidate and the dream job is the Job Interview.
A Job Interview is a process of selecting the right candidate for the job through a personal meeting, by the representatives of the hiring organization or firm. Cracking the Interview is never easy, but there are some tricks that will help you.

7 Interview Tips For College Students

Prepared Well for Next Interview

There is no shortcut to this, the first and the foremost is the preparation of the interview, which includes acquiring knowledge,( both generic and job-related), paying attention dress for the interview and carrying necessary documents and accessories ( Pen, Notepad, Laptop, etc.).

Know the Organisation Before Interview

One has to read up on the recruiting organization, as this is expected by every recruiter that the candidate pays attention to the company they have applied for. It also showcases the candidate's attention to detail.

Good Communication is the Name of the Game

There is no bigger asset than good communication skills. One should work on their communication skills for cracking a job interview because interview is the first impression of the candidate and one has limited time to sell themselves. One has to choose their words well, and should be able to communicate their usefulness to the organization.

Confidence is Key

Confidence is the key asset, that is on every recruiter's list. Like every candidate who has a dream job in mind, every recruiter also has a dream candidate in mind and confidence is always the most important quality they are looking for. One should carry themselves well and maintain eye contact while answering questions. However overconfidence is a big put off for everyone, as it can easily be mistaken for arrogance. So one should ensure not to come across cocky or arrogant.

Watch Your Body Language

Body language says a lot about a person, and when you are in an interview, the limited time that the recruiters have, makes it all the more crucial.

The following should be avoided in an interview

  • Bad Posture: Slouching
  • Pointing and chopping: It can make you come across extremely aggressive
  • Crossed Arms: Suggests defensive attitude
  • Fidgeting: Suggests Nervousness
  • Breaking Eye Contact: shows lack of confidence and conviction
  • Staring: Making Eye contact while talking is good, but making eye contact unnecessarily and for a long period of time can be interpreted as aggressive not to mention creepy.

Be Positive at Interview

It's important not only to come across optimistic but also to be optimistic, one should try to stay positive as positivity reflects in all our actions.

Don't Forget to Smile

While paying attention to all the above points, don't forget to smile, as our smile shows our interest level, in addition to making us look confident and cheerful.

Ultimately it's our smile that portrays the best of us. Bonne Chance!

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