Five Reasons Why You Should Opt for Manav Rachna University

19 Mar 2020

Manav Rachna Offers an Environment of Enviable Excellence

Today's youngsters have their own woes and worries. They are excessively addicted to computers and smart phones; spend most of their time on social media. They find conventional studies boring and non-enterprising. In such a scenario, it is absolutely imperative that we should provide them an alternative an environment which would be equally exciting and awe-inspiring. Nature is an integral part of our life. Education cannot just happen in the absence of nature. When Wordsworth describes that the daffodils dancing in the breeze; when our eyes alight on a painting by William Turner, our hearts are filled with an indescribable emotion. When the skies cloud over and the rain falls in torrents, we feel contemplative. A balmy moonlit night can awaken the lover in us. Such is the transformative power of nature's beauty. The nature is often a refreshing tonic. Thus, it is a perfect dose for weary minds and the best medicine for fragile mood. That is precisely what Manav Rachna University offers. I must add that this is one of the reasons why foreign students prefer to study at Manav Rachna.

Located Adjacent to Two Historic Places- A God's Gift

Sprawling over huge stretch of land at Delhi Surajkund Highway, MRU is compact, lively and ideal for young generation to enjoy the full circle of their student-life. Bordered by natural goodness, the campus is an intoxicatingly opulent region that makes the most of its natural setting being surrounded by the Aravali hills. The campus is a home, always has something to offer to those scholars and researchers who are in search of active adventures, cultural experiences, special events, great cafes, fun activities- MRU has got you covered almost everything you ask for. Located very near to its vicinity are the historic Karni Singh Shooting Range and the famous Surajkund lake merely 8 KM away from the campus. It is an amazing place for fun trip and is a weekend getaway destination around -a perfect place to go for boating and adventure trips and be rewarded with stunning panoramic views of Delhi and Aravali Hills, and beyond. Not many universities in the world provide such an ambience that MRU does, hence it is becoming an education hub for students across the globe.

If Your Ambition is to Study Law- Choose MRU

Ambition is not always praiseworthy. At times, some odium attaches to it. Milton calls it the last infirmity of noble minds. Ambition of power and conquest has wrought no end of misery in this world. But ambition also inspires man to scorn delights and live laborious days'. It rouses the spirit of emulation in gifted persons. In the humbler stations of life, to which most of us belong, it acts as an impetus to good work. Surely such an ambition is not to be condemned. Ambition becomes a vice only if a person seeks to improve his position in life at the expense of others. But it is a virtue when it prompts one to serve others or to serve his own interests without offending others. Faculty of Law has an Advisory Board which comprises Former Chief Justice of India, High Court Judges, ASG, Former Law Secretary to Ministry of Law and Justice, Senior Advocates, IAS officers and some outstanding educationists who are role models to these thousand young aspiring law enthusiasts. Students look up to these exceptionally successful people to emulate them in their future life. This is something not many universities can boast of doing, hence Faculty of Law, Manav Rachna University is unique and arguably the best in Delhi NCR.

Extraordinary Career Opportunities

Many students come to study Law with an absolute clear vision that they want to work in the law sector. These students don't usually require any counseling or persuasion, and may have had a long-time passion for Law. This can often arise from or be stimulated by life experience for example, someone who has seen and experienced injustice first-hand may be committed to spending their lives working for justice. But for those who aren't sure, and perhaps have a choice of offers from a university, here are a few good reasons why studying law is an excellent choice especially at Manav Rachna:

  1. Being able to earn a secure living because at some point, everybody needs a lawyer;
  2. Status as a traditional profession with good income potential; acquiring the skills to make a difference in the world; using law to ensure access to justice amongst marginalized communities, having knowledge and skills to make a real impact in specialized areas of commerce Corporate Law, Competition Law, Shipping, Tax and Contracts; contributing to the quality and security of people's life.
  3. You will have the opportunity for litigation/ court room practice before District Courts, High Courts or Supreme Court.
  4. You will be trained and made eligible to practice before various Commissions, Boards, tribunals and other quasi-judicial authorities such as CCI or CIC or Consumer Forums or SEBI or Company Law Boards/ Company Law Tribunals etc .
  5. Experts will prepare you for Judicial Services/ Civil Services, Arbitrators/ Mediators and Conciliators, Judge Advocate General (JAG) in Defense Services, Legal Officers in Companies, Standing Counsels/ Public Prosecutors, Patent Attorneys/ IPR L practice, Academics and Research, Legal editors and Correspondents, Pro-Bono Practitioners/ Human Rights Activists, so on and so forth.

Clans System- An Innovative Initiative

Introduction of CLANS in Manav Rachna University is a way forward to bring the students, faculty and staff to one pedestal wherein they involve themselves enthusiastically to unfold their latent talent and creativity. This is one of the traits of superior institutions for the creation and dissemination of productive knowledge, building a model of co-curricular progress that emphasizes the person-to-person transmission of tacit knowledge. The young learn as trainees from the old. This clans system relies on the transmission of knowledge within extended families of MRU. All students & faculty members are divided into 4 Clans (Air Falcons, Water Sharks, Forest Rhinos, Wild Cats). Clan members are expected to contribute actively in the development of the Society by getting involved in the field of Sports, Cultural, Social Work, Literature and Media

It Is Your Turn Now

The only advice I would give to aspirants is to be honest while pursuing a course at Manav Rachna. Each one of us is blessed with a unique talent, though we may have some common skills. Let's not forget, The path of duty is the way to glory, said the poet Tennyson.
The sense of duty determines human destiny. So, let's do our duty with all our heart and soul, not in the expectation of a reward, but because it is the fulfillment of our destiny. Our facultycontinues to gain national and international recognition for their work in numerous areas of law, even as they remain focused on teaching and being accessible to students outside the classroom. Our students excel in their studies, their advocacy, and their involvement in countless community projects. At Faculty of Law, MRU, students are prepared to meet the many challenges of a successful legal career as they study in a supportive, collegial environment.

Written By:- Dr. S.K. Bose, Associate Professor, Faculty of Law, MRU

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