Becoming an Event Planner

20 Mar 2020

In the contemporary scenario, events are important for corporate sector, government sector, NGOs and even individuals. With the consumer world growing each day, everybody seeks opportunities to create and participate in big and small events. No wonder that it is an extension of marketing and an alternative approach to Public Relations! Event management industry is growing swiftly and is therefore, emerging as a great career opportunity for the young students today. Studying event management enhances the management techniques in organizing successful events like brand launch, promotional events, music concerts, fashion shows, personal events, press conference, exhibitions, etc. These require a specialist approach and skill that is learnt in the media colleges. Becoming an event planner sounds exciting although it requires special interest and inclination. The profession needs creativity, analytical abilities, networking and management skills, which is curated through training and learning from media institutes and universities. The course enhances all these skills. It introduces you to field experiences and guides to deal with sponsors, advertisers and media. It is definitely one of the lucrative fields for those who prefer outdoor and networking over desk jobs.

Some Exciting Reasons to Choose Event Management:

New and Exciting :- Working in an event management industry is different from a typical 9 to 5 job. It requires you to visit places, pick venue, finalize designs and even travel for organizing international events. Sounds thrilling right?!

Variety of options:- Event industry somewhat allows you to pick your own interest area of work. For example, you might just go for wedding planning if that's what you like or probably just work in corporate event team. It ultimately, gives you job satisfaction.

Space for Creativity:- It is one of the fields that have enough room for creativity. It allows you to incorporate your innovative ideas and work independently.

Be a Freelancer:- There is an opportunity of being a freelancer. You can collaborate with an event company and choose your specialized area of work.

Written By:- Ms. Ankita Bharti, Assistant Professor, Department of Journalism and Mass Communication,MRIIRS

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