Innovative Practices

Innovative Practices

Manav Rachna Dental College is a dynamic ecosystem where innovation flourishes, and excellence is the norm. Our approach ensures that students are not mere recipients of knowledge but active participants in their learning journey. From implementing advanced teaching methodologies to organizing national and international faculty lectures, MRDC is dedicated to remaining at the forefront of dental education.

The emphasis on hands-on workshops, continuing education programs, and cutting-edge courses reflects our commitment to producing well-rounded and skilled dental professionals.

Initiatives Description
Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Training Program Offered annually, this program equips students, faculty, paradental, and support staff with essential life-saving skills and knowledge.
Basic Surgical Skills Program for MDS Students Covering principles of incision, flaps, surgical techniques, suturing, wound healing, and more, this program ensures that our students are not just academically adept but also proficient in practical skills crucial for their professional journey.
Educational Initiatives From engaging dental quizzes that stimulate critical thinking to point-counterpoint sessions fostering debates and discussions, we go beyond conventional teaching methods.
Expert Lectures and Hands-on Training We conduct workshops for both undergraduates and postgraduates, offering hands-on sessions focused on implants and suturing, as well as insightful lectures by national and international faculty members.
Continuing Education Programs (CDE) Regular Continuing Education Programs ensure that both students and faculty remain updated with the latest advancements in dentistry. Whether it's the awareness on Hepatitis B & C or workshops on full digital approaches to implant dentistry, our CDE programs cover a diverse range of topics, ensuring a holistic and up-to-date education for our dental community.
Certification courses by Center for Dental Excellence Valuable certificate courses in Laser Dentistry and Oral Implantology, affiliated with recognized bodies, are offered to ensure that our dental professionals are not only practitioners but also experts in their respective fields.
Technology Integration From a comprehensive array of laser equipment to the establishment of an advanced CAD/CAM Lab, we embrace state-of-the-art technology to ensure that our students are well-versed in the latest advancements in dental technology.
Research Forums Regular initiatives by both faculty and students are aimed at elevating research in dentistry. Whether organizing conferences, seminars, or symposia, or actively participating in national and international forums, we foster a culture of continuous learning.
Health Awareness Initiatives Beyond academic excellence, our commitment to community well-being is evident in health awareness initiatives. From establishing a Tobacco Cessation Center to conducting free CEA Antigen Testing on World Cancer Day, we actively contribute to creating a healthier community.
Incubation Centers We take pride in incubating innovation through our association with groundbreaking startups like Synsalus Technomed LLP, DantSetu, and Sukoon, exemplifying our commitment to pushing the boundaries of healthcare solutions.

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