Helpline no. 0129-4259000

Helpline no. 0129-4259000


Sahai Research Labs Pvt Ltd .(OPC )

Sahai Research Labs, 905, Nicolas-1, Supertech Czar Suites, Omicron-1, Greater Noida-201310, Uttar Pradesh, India is involved in promoting research and development of low cost and affordable healthcare devices and technologies.SAHAI RESEARCH LABS is a research focused organization committed to develop low cost healthcare products and technologies and aimed at transforming lives of poor and needy people across the globe.

They work across the industry verticals in areas like IOT, FPGAs, Embedded Systems, High Level Synthesis etc.

Industry Oriented Workshops (for faculty and students) organized 

     Fee: NIL

  1. “Artificial Intelligence using Python” E, Santosh Sharma, Data Scientist, Ericsson.
  2. Expert talk on “Future of Artificial Intelligence” by Kushal Tandon, Data Scientist, Mu-Sigma, Bangalore
  3. Workshop on VHDL for faculty by Prateek Sikka, Director, Sahai Research Labs,
  4. Workshop on Verilog for faculty by Prateek Sikka, Director, Sahai Research Labs



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