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Publications – Conference

Manav Rachna University, Faridabad.
Research Publications in Conferences
S.No.DepartmentFaculty NamePaper TitleAuthorsConference DetailsYear of PublicationISSN / ISBNAffiliation (MRU)
1ECECharu PathakDynamics of Charged Particles in Dual Frequency Paul trap due to Additional External ForcesKansal, A., Pathak, C., Saxena, V.10.1109/I2CT51068.2021.94182232021978-1-7281-8876-8Yes
2MechanicalAjit KatiyarProgresses in Solar Still Technology with Phase Change MaterialAjit, Naveen Kumar GuptaIOP Conf. Series: Materials Science and Engineering 1116 (2021) 0120552021Yes
3MathematicsAparna VyasNoise Removal from Images Using Shearlet TransformRiya Fagna, Ankita Yadav and Aparna VyasISBN:978-605-74407-7-8


4CSTMrinal PandeyData modeling for energy forecasting using machine learningGoyal, M., Pandey, MDOI:10.1007/978-981-16-0749-3_122021Yes
5CSTManpreet KaurRevitalizing Stock Predictions with Machine Learning Algorithms – An Empirical StudyVaibhav Gaur, Shubham Sood, Lisha Uppal, Manpreet KaurDOI: 10.1109/INDICON49873.2020.93425712021978-1-7281-6916-3Yes
6CSTMrinal PandeyShort survey on machine learning techniques used for diabetic retinopathy detectionMishra, A., Singh, L., Pandey, M.DOI: 10.1109/ICCCIS51004.2021.93971422021978-1-7281-8529-3Yes
7CSTHardeo Kumar ThakurSurvey of various AI ChatBots based on Technology UsedSidhant Singh and Hardeo Kumar ThakurPP. 1074-10792020978-1-7281-7016-9Yes
8PhysicsShiv KumarImproved power conversion efficiency
of conducting polymer solar cells via
incorporation of a DNA-CTMA electron
blocking interlayer
Nitika, Shiv Kumar Dixit, Chhavi Bhatnagar, B.M. Bahal, Anita Kumari, P.K. Bhatnagar 020009-1 to 020009-52020Yes
9MathematicsAparna VyasImage Denoising using wavelet Transform and Shearlet TransformAnkita Yadav, Riya Fagna and Aparna VyasISBN No.: 978-625-7279-29-12020978-625-7279-29-1Yes
10CSTNikita Taneja & Hardeo Kumar ThakurSentiment-Based Deep Auto Encoder Recommender System (DAERS)Nikita Taneja,  Hardeo Kumar ThakurIEEE 5th International Conference on Computing Communication and Automation (ICCCA 2020), 30-31 Oct-2020,  Greater NOIDA, India, pp. 248-253.2020Yes
11CSTGoyal M., Pandey MrinalTowards Prediction of Energy Consumption of HVAC Plants Using Machine LearningGoyal M., Pandey MrinalPart of the Communications in Computer and Information Science book series (CCIS, volume 1230)2020978-981-15-5826-9Yes
12ECENiharika ThakurCongestion Reduction under IPFC based deregulated electricity market using AKH algorithmNiharika Thakur, Y.K Awasthi, Manisha Hooda,  A.S Siddiqui Vol. 1478 (Journal of Physics-Conference Series)20201478/ 012027Yes
13ECENiharika ThakurProfit based Unit Commitment Problem solving using Hybrid CUCKOO- GWO AlgorithmNiharika Thakur, Y.K Awasthi, Manisha Hooda,  A.S Siddiqui Vol. 1478 (Journal of Physics-Conference Series)20201478/ 012027Yes
14ECEYogita KhannaWideband Ultra-thin Metamaterial Absorber for Ku &K- Band ApplicationsYogita Khanna, Yogendra Kumar Awasthihttps://ieeexplore.ieee.org/document/90709382020367-371Yes
15MechanicalJoginder SinghVariation of Shear Properties in Carbon
Fiber Composites as Extensional Forces
Applied with Different Fiber Orientation
Joginder Singh & M.R.Tyagi Springer Nature Singapore Pte Ltd. 2020
S. Yadav et al. (eds.), Proceedings of International Conference in Mechanical and Energy
Technology, Smart Innovation, Systems and Technologies 174,
16CSTRam Chatterjee & Hardeo Kumar ThakurHoax and Faux of Information Credibility in Social Networks: Explored, Exemplified and ExperimentedRam Chatterjee, Hardeo Kumar Thakur, Ridhi Sethi and Abhishek PandeyIn: Pant M., Kumar Sharma T., Arya R., Sahana B., Zolfagharinia H. (eds) Soft Computing: Theories and Applications. Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing, vol 1154. Springer, Singapore2020978-981-15-4031-8Yes
17MechanicalJoginder SinghVariation of Shear Properties in Carbon Fiber Composites as Extensional Forces Applied with Different Fiber OrientationJoginder Singh, M.R.TyagiSpringer Nature Singapore Pte Ltd. 2020
S. Yadav et al. (eds.), Proceedings of International Conference in Mechanical and Energy Technology, Smart Innovation, Systems and Technologies 174
2020978-981-15-2646-6 Yes
18CSTManpreet KaurWhen Cartoon Meets Anime Distinguishing Animation Styles with Convolutional Neural NetworksManpreet Kaur, Varun Prakash, Sagar Raghavpp 261-2652020978-1-7281-4097-1Yes
19CST Susmita RayAn Analysis of Computational Complexity and Accuracy of two Supervised Machine Learning Algorithms – K-Nearest Neighbor And Support Vector MachineSusmita RayPage no. 335-3472020Yes
20CST Susmita RayA Survey on Application of Machine Learning Algorithms in Cancer Prediction and PrognosisDeepti,  Susmita RayPage no. 349-3612020Yes
21ChemistryPradeep K. VarshneyCurrent Trends in the recycling of Spent Lead Acid Batteries in IndiaPradeep K. Varshney, Kalpna Varshney, Kajal Gautam, Meghna Chaudhary, Monika TanwarProceedings 26 (2020) 592–6022020Yes
22MathematicsRuchi GuptaA Literature Review of Linear Programming Problems:Based on CaseRuchi Gupta, Jindal , Sarvesh ,
Raj Kumar, Chhavi Baliyan 
Proceedings,Page No.:116-119.2020978-625-7139-21-2Yes
23MathematicsAparna VyasComparison of Image Denoising Using Wavelet Transform and Wavelet Packet TransformRidhima Nehra, Rojin Joseph and Aparna Vyaspp. 108-115, ISBN No. 978-625-7139-21-2.2020978-625-7139-21-2Yes
24MathematicsAparna VyasImage Processing Using Multiscale Transform: A Review

Aparna Vyas and Ridhi Bhatnagarpp. 1-8, ISBN No. 978-625-7139-212020978-625-7139-21-2Yes
25CSTNikita taneja & Hardeo Kumar ThakurHandling Sparsity in Cross-Domain Recommendation Systems: ReviewNikita taneja & Hardeo Kumar ThakurMicro-Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering pp 163-174, Part of the Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems book series (LNNS, volume 106)

26CSTNeelu Chaudhary & Hardeo Kumar ThakurParametric Classification of Dynamic Community Detection TechniquesNeelu Chaudhary & Hardeo Kumar ThakurMicro-Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering pp 333-340, Part of the Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems book series (LNNS, volume 106)

27CSTUrmila Pilania, Prinima GuptaAnalysis and Implementation of IWT-SVD Scheme for Video SteganographyUrmila Pilania & Prinima GuptaMicro-Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering pp 153-1622020978-981-15-2329-8Yes
28PhysicsShiv KumarImproved power conversion efficiency
of conducting polymer solar cells via
incorporation of a DNA-CTMA electron
blocking interlayer
Nitika, Shiv Kumar Dixit, Chhavi Bhatnagar, B.M. Bahal, Anita Kumari,P.K. Bhatnagar020009-1 to 020009-52020Yes
29CSTParneeta DhaliwalAn Approach for handling concept  ifting streams: Early Dynamic Weighted MajorityP.Dhaliwal, A.Kumar, P. PotaliaUnder consideration for Journal20192653–2661Yes
30CSTGaganjot Kaur, Prinima GuptaHybrid Approach for detecting DDOS Attacks in Software Defined NetworksKaur, G., Gupta, P.Art. no.-88449442019978-1-7281-3591-5 Yes
31CSTMAMTA ARORA & Mrinal PandeyDeep Neural Network for Diabetic Retinopathy DetectionMamta Arora, Mrinal PandeyFET, MRIIRS from 14-16 February, 2019,  pp. 189-1932019978-1-7281-0211-5Yes
32ECEMeenakshi GuptaDesign and Simulate the Modified Circuits of Switched Capacitor Filter using mentor graphics toolMeenakshi Gupta, V.K SharmaNA2019978-1-7281-2068-3Yes
33ECENiharika ThakurParametric Analysis of Adaptive Whale Optimization Technique for Power Quality Enhancement in Restructured Electricity Market.Niharika Thakur, Y.K Awasthi, Manisha Hooda,  A.S Siddiqui 160-1662019978-1-7281-1793-5Yes
34ECENiharika ThakurAlgorithmic Analysis on Hybrid-Intelligent Deregulated Electricity Market.Niharika Thakur, Y.K Awasthi, Manisha Hooda,  A.S Siddiqui 167-1732019978-1-7281-1793-5Yes
35MathematicsRuchi GuptaSurvey of Transportation ProblemsRuchi Gupta,Nikita2019 International Conference on Machine Learning, Big Data, Cloud and Parallel Computing (Com-IT-Con), India, 14th -16th Feb 2019,Page NO.:417-4282019978-1-7281-0211-5Yes
36CSTShubham Sharma, Shubhankar Verma and Mohit KumarUse of Motion Capture in 3D Animation: Motion Capture Systems, Challenges, and Recent TrendsSharma, S., Verma, S., Kumar, M., Sharma, L.Art no. 8862448Pg. No.289-2942019978-1-7281-0211-5Yes
37ECENitikaEffect of Thermal Annealing on the Performance of PCDTBT:PC 71 BM composite solar cellNitika, Shiv kumar, B.M.BahalNA2019Yes
38Chemistry  P.K.PatnalaProduction of clean water from recycle wastePremKishore PatnalaNA2019Yes
39DMCManmeet Bali NagInformation & Communication Technology (ICT): A Tool of Digital Disruption towards growth of AcademiaManmeet Bali NagNA2019No
40CSTJyoti PruthiA review on Sentiment AnalysisNeha Nandal, Amit ChaudharyPage no. 12, 16 Feb 20172019Yes
41CSTJyoti Pruthi & Deepanshi GuptaA Walk-through of Expert Systems for Diagnosis of High Risk Pregnancy: A RetrospectiveJyoti Pruthi, Deepanshi GuptaBVICAM, New Delhi, from 13-15 March 20192019Yes
42CSTJyoti PruthiBipolar Words Extraction using Sentiment Analysis: A StudyNeha Nandal, Amit ChaudharyBVICAM, New Delhi, from 13-15 March 20192019978-9-3805-4434-2Yes
43ECEMeenakshi GuptaComparative design and simulation of different architectures of differential amplifier using EDA toolMeenakshi Gupta, Shreya Gupta, Ravi Kumar, Vansh taraBharti Vidyapeeth on 13th to 15th March, 20192019978-9-3805-4434-2Yes
44ECEYogita KhannaDesign of Metamaterial by Slotted Split Ring Resonator-SSRR for Dual Frequency Band ApplicationsYogita Khanna, Rohit Gupta, Rajan Gaur, Y K AwasthiAmity University, Noida on 7 – 8 March 2019201946310XYes
45CSTMeena Chaudhary & Jyoti PruthiSkip Gram Model based entropy reduction using vision based page segmentation for web miningMeena Chaudhary, Jyoti PruthiBharati Vidyapeeth’s Institute of Computer Applications and Management (BVICAM), New Delhi from 13th – 15th March, 20192019978-93-80544-32-8Yes
46ChemistryPriti GuptaRemoval of Iron form water by using natural Herb ExtractsPriti GuptaNA2019No
47CSTAgha Imran HusainA Cluster based WSN for the Earthquake and Tsunami Detection and MitigationAgha Imran Husain and Hanu BhardwajNA20190973-7529Yes
48ECEYogendra Kumar AwasthiHigh Isolation EBG Based MIMO Antenna for X-Band ApplicationsSaxena, G., Jain, P., Awasthi, Y.K.Art. No. 8711602, Pg. no.-97-\1002019978-1-7281-1380-7Yes
49PhysicsDeepti Maikhuri, Haider AbbasAbsorption spectra of iodine substituted coumarin 120Maikhuri, D., Abbas, H.Vol. 2136, Art No.- 400162019Yes
50PhysicsSandeep KumarTerawatt-attosecond soft X-ray pulse generation in X-ray free electron laserS. Kumar, Alexan a Landsman, Dong Eon KimVol. 2136 Art no. 600182019Yes
51MathematicsRuchi GuptaLiterature Survey on Single and Multi-Objective Transportation ProblemsRuchi Gupta,KomalInternational Conference on Sustainable Computing in Science, Technology & Management (SUSCOM-2019),PAGE NO:2286.229320193358-0759Yes
52CSTParneeta DhaliwalAn Ensemble Approach for Handling the Novel Instances in Dynamic dataSavita and Parneeta DhaliwalJaypee University of Information Technology, Waknaghat, Solan, Himachal Pradesh, India from 20 December, 2018 to 22 December, 20182019Yes
53CSTRiya Sapra and Parneeta DhaliwalBlockchain: The new era of TechnologyRiya Sapra and Parneeta DhaliwalPage(s): 495 – 4992019978-1-7281-0646-5Yes
54CSTNikita Sanghi, Rupali Bhatnagar, Gaganjot KaurBlockCloud: Blockchain with Cloud ComputingSanghi, N., Bhatnagar, R., Kaur, G., Jain, V.Art no. 8748467, Pg. no.430-4342019978-1-5386-4119-4Yes
55CSTPrithvi Singh, Aditya Rana, Rupesh Kumar MishraBig Data in Applications of Automated SystemsSingh, P., Rana, A., Mishra, R.K.Art no.8748736, Pg. no.-192-1962019978-1-5386-4119-4Yes
56CSTSunny DagarComparative study of image steganography techniquesArora, H., Bansal, C., Dagar, S.Art no. 8748451, Pg. no.-982-9852019978-1-5386-4119-4Yes
57CSTAditi Gupta, Bharti JhaTrending Topics based Spam Detection from the Social MediaGupta, A., Raina, N., Jha, B., Jain, V.K.Art no. 8748799,Pg. no. 54-572019978-1-5386-4119-4Yes
58CSTSusmita RayA Quick Review of Machine Learning AlgorithmsSusmita RayMRIIRS from 14-16 February 20192019978-1-7281-0211-5Yes
59ChemistryPriti GuptaRemoval of Trace Metals in  inking Water by Natural AdsorbentPriti GuptaNA2019No
60CSTShailja Gupta, Sachin Lakra & Manpreet KaurSentiment Analysis using Partial Textual EntailmentShailja Gupta, Sachin Lakra, Manpreet KaurFET, MRIIRS from 14-16 February, 2019, pp. 57-61, pp. 57-612019 978-1-7281-0211-5Yes
61CSTSanjay Kumar, Priyanka Gupta, Sachin Lakra & Ram Chatterjee The Zeitgeist Juncture of Big Data and its Future TrendsSanjay Kumar, Priyanka Gupta, Sachin Lakra, Lavanya Sharma, Ram Chatterjee(pp. 465-469). IEEE2019978-1-7281-0211-5Yes
62MechanicalSujata NayakAn Experimental  ying Study of Locally available Medicinal Plants by hybrid mixed even span Greenhouse  yer. International Conference on “SOLARIS-2019Sujata NayakNA2019Yes
63CSTManpreet KaurText Summarization using Partial Textual Entailment based GraphsKaur, M., Srivastava, D.Art no. 8862234, Pg. no. 366-3742019978-1-7281-0211-5Yes
64CSTSarikaComparision of Recommendation System ApproachesSarika, Sanjeev DhawanArt no. 8862231Pg. No.76-782019 978-1-7281-0211-5Yes
65ChemistryA.K Gupta & Prem Kishore PatnalaRemediation of Polycyclic Aromatic Hy ocarbons by Green Adsorbents Using Ultrasound: A Case StudyPrem Kishore Patnala and A.K.GuptaDec 12-14, 20192019Yes
66ChemistryA.K Gupta & Arpit SandSynthesis of biodegradable hy ogels PAAc by Inverse Suspension PolymerizationArpit Sand and A. K. GuptaDec 12-14, 20192019Yes
67CSTMamta AroraDeep Neural Network for Transformation Zone ClassificationMamta Arora, Sanjeev Dhawan, Kulvinder SinghB.R. Ambedkar, National Institute of Technology from 15-17 December 20182019978-1-5386-6373-8No
68CSTSachin LakraGreen Cloud Job Scheduling and Load Balancing using Hybrid Biogeography based Optimization and Genetic Algorithm: A proposed approachYashika Sharma, Sachin Lakrapp.185-1952019978-981-15-2328-1Yes
69CSTSachin LakraA Transition towards Green IT: An InitiativeYashika Sharma, Sachin Lakrapp.493-4982019978-981-15-2328-1Yes
70DMCPragati Chauhan & Pooja KapoorWomen Entrepreneurship through Network Marketing: The Positive Insight  Khanna, Pooja, Chauhan PragatiDhaka International University from 29th- 30th  April 20192019Yes
71Education and HumanitiesKiran GuptaEthics,Values and EducationSeema Sharma and   Kiran GuptaNA2019Yes
72CSTDushyant Kundu, Amit UpretiStudy of Various Steganography ToolsKundu, D., Upreti, A.Art no. 8687092, Pg. no.-117-1202019978-1-5386-5464-4Yes
73CSTAnkur Kumar AggarwalDetecting Near-Duplicate Image Regions with Transformation or OrientationLakshaya Bhardwaj, Ankur Kr AggarwalGL BAJAJ Institute of Technology & Management, Greater Noida on 7th September 2018.2018978-93-86238-58-0Yes
74CSTSachin LakraHandwriting Recognition using Soft computing TechniquesAditya Narayan, Sachin Lakra2018, pp. 5(Abstract)2018Yes
75CSTAnkur Kumar AggarwalBig Data Analysis in HealthcareRohan Sharma, Salonika Chauhan, Ankur Kr Aggarwal7th September 2018, GL BAJAJ Institute of Technology & Management, Greater Noida2018978-93-86238-58-0Yes
76ManagementR. V. SagarPrevalence of Corporate Culture in University Libraries of DelhiSagar, R.V., Maharana, B.Art no. 8485209, Pg. no. 348-3502018978-1-5386-0828-9Yes
77CSTANUP SINGH KUSHWAHAGPU Computing Revolution: CUDAAnup singh kushwaha, Ramandeep singh, Chirag munjalGalgotias College of Engineering & Technology on 12-13 October 2018.2018978-1-5386-4119-4Yes
78CSTManoj Kumar Evaluation of an Efficient Method for Object Detection in video Manoj Kumar, Narender, Rohit TanwarNA2018Yes
79DMCManmeet Bali NagIndo-Russian Ties: Back op & Fall-out of Sochi meetManmeet Bali NagApril-June, 20182018No
80DMCManmeet Bali NagKashmir & peace: Diagnosis & prognosis of unfolding foldsManmeet Bali NagApril-June, 20182018No
81CSTSachin LakraArchitecture and Applications of Deep Learning Neural NetworksDaksh Sharma, Sachin Lakrapp. 1833-1837
82CSTAnkur Kumar AggarwalRole of Big Data in Helathcare: A SurveyYashesh Dagar, Avnish Khatri and Ankur Kumar Aggarwal14th – 16th March, 2018 Bharati Vidyapeeth’s Institute of Computer Applications and Management (BVICAM), New Delhi (INDIA)2018978-93-80544-28-1Yes
83ECEK.DEEPARouting in smart Grids using Genetic AlgorithmsK.DEEPANA2018Yes
84CSTAgha Imran HusainWireless Sensor Networks and its ApplicationsAgha Imran Husain, Riya Nagpal,Varnita JainBharati Vidyapeeth’s Institute of Computer Applications and Management (BVICAM), New Delhi (INDIA)2018978-93-80544-28-1Yes
85CSTAnkur Kumar AggarwalRoad Anomaly detection techniques: A SurveyAnkit, Mayank, Ankur Kr Aggarwal14th – 16th March, 2018 Bharati Vidyapeeth’s Institute of Computer Applications and Management (BVICAM), New Delhi (INDIA),2018978-93-80544-28-1Yes
86CSTSunny DagarA Review of Multi-Factor Security Protocol For Wireless Payment- Secure Web Authentication Using Mobile DevicesShraddha Bhatia, Sunny DagarMarch 14, 2018 – March 16, 20182018Yes
87CSTSunny DagarA Review of Application of Gait Analysis in Biometric AuthenticationShraddha Bhatia, Sunny DagarMarch 14, 2018 – March 16, 20182018 978-93-80544-28-1Yes
88CSTHardeo Kumar ThakurMADGM: Multi- Aspect Dynamic Graph MinerHardeo Kumar Thakur, Anand Gupta, Rahul Khanna, SakshiNEHU ,Shillong, LNNS Springer, Chapter 69, 2017.2018978-981-10-6890-4No
89DMCManmeet Bali NagGovernors rule in J & K: Challenges, Implications & way forwardManmeet Bali NagApril-June, 20182018No
90CSTGaganjot Kaur & Prinima GuptaProposed Optimization Technique to detect DDOS Attacks on Software Defined NetworksGaganjot Kaur,   Prinima GuptaNA20181556-5068Yes
91CSTJyoti Pruthi & Deepanshi GuptaA walkthrough of Prediction for Pregnancy Complications Using MAchine Learning: A RetrospectiveDeepanshi Gupta,   Jyoti PruthiGB Pant Govt Engineering College Okhla on 22nd – 23rd December 20182018Yes
92CSTBhartiSentimental Analysis Using Twitter to Predict The 2019 PM ElectionsIshaan Arya,Abinav Sethi,Sahil Sanswal,Bharti JhaPart of the Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing book series (AISC, volume 1053),Soft Computing: Theories and Applications pp 1091-1097

93CSTHardeo Kumar ThakurSurvey of Algorithm Based on Dynamic Graph MiningNeelu Chaudhary, Hardeo Kumar ThakurJaypee University of Information Technology, Waknaghat, Solan, Himachal Pradesh, India from 20 December, 2018 to 22 December, 2018, Art no. 8745886, Pg. no. 393-3992018978-1-
94EducationSavita SharmaTowards making learning experiences more meaningful and holistic by nurturing spiritual intelligence of budding minds’ held at Awadh Institute of EducationSavita SharmaPage No 153- 1642018978-93-5351-299-6Yes
95CSTPrinima Gupta & Urmila PilaniaOptimized Video Steganography using ROI, IWT and SVD Techniques   Urmila Pilania,   Prinima GuptaG B Pant Govt Engineering College Okhla, held on 22nd – 23rd December 20182018Yes
96CSTGunjan ChandwaniLiFi AdvantagesKartik Kumar, Ankur Bhatt, Dhruv Yadav,Gunjan Chindwani National Conference on Cloud Computing -2018 CCIT 20182018Yes
97MathematicsAparna VyasApplications of Multiscale Transforms to Image Denoising: SurveyAparna Vyas and Joonki PaikIEEE Explore2018978-1-5386-4754-7               Yes
98CSTPrinima GuptaEfficient and Secure Authentication in VANET using Digital Certification and Cluster IdentificationNeeraj Varshney,   Prinima Gupta, Juginder Pal Singh2nd International Conference on Frontiers in Engineering, Applied Sciences & Technology April 27-28, 2018 at NIT, Tiruchirappalli, Pg 129-1362018978-81-908388-6-3Yes
99ChemistryPradeep K. VarshneyDevelopment of Non-Enzymatic Glucose Sensor based on Pt@PVF Modified Pt ElectrodeShveta Malhotra, Yijun Tang and Pradeep K. Varshney27-28 September 2017 in Chicago, USA2017No
100DMCRashi BanerjiEmpirical Evaluation of E-Service Quality of Flipkart Using E-S-QUAL Model in NCR (India)Rahela Farooqi, Rashi BanerjiJamia Millia Islamia2017978-93-83842-80-3No
101CSTManpreet KaurEmploying variant directional (dis)similarity measures for the task of Textual EntailmentAnand Gupta, Manpreet Kaur, Disha Garg, Karuna Saini

REDSET 2017: Data Science and Analytics pp 287-297

102CSTHardeo Kumar ThakurA Big Data Analysis Framework Using Apache Spark and Deep LearningAnand Gupta, Hardeo Kumar Thakur, Ritvik Shrivastava, PulkitUSA, pp. 9-16.20172375-9259Yes
103CSTHardeo Kumar ThakurA Big Data Analysis Framework Using Apache Spark and Deep LearningAnand Gupta, Hardeo Kumar Thakur, RitvikShrivastava, Pulkit5th ICDM Workshop on Data Science andBig Data Analytics (DSBDA-2017) , USA, pp. 9-16.20172375-9259Yes
104ChemistryPradeep K. VarshneyLACTIC ACID DOPED BIODEGRADABLE GEL POLYMER ELECTROLYTEShikha Gupta & Pradeep K. VarshneyMarch 9-10, 2017, at YMCA Faridabad2017No
105MathematicsRamapati MauryaBetter Error Estimation for the Mixed Szasz Baskakov Type OperatorsHoney Sharma, Cheena Gupta, Ramapati Mauryahttp://www.ijari.org/ISTE2017Papers.html20172347–3258Yes
106CSTAgha Imran HusainSoft Computing based clustering protocols in wireless sensor networks: A surveyAgha Imran Husain,zaheer AhmedNA2017No
107Education Geeta Thakur Sustenance of the local, cultural and place identity values through educationGeeta Thakur NA2017 978-93-82626-47-3.No
108DMCPragati ChauhanA study of strategic management in  family business and its impact on firm performanceGera Rajat, Chauhan PragatiNA2017Yes
109CSTGaganjot KaurProposed Routing Protocol for CloudsGaganjot Kaur, Sugandhi Midhahttps://ieeexplore.ieee.org/document/83435742017978-1-5090-6710-7Yes
110CSTGaganjot KaurCloud Deep Down – SWOT AnalysisGaganjot Kaur, Sugandhi MidhaNA2017978-1-5090-6710-7Yes
111Education Geeta Thakur Let’s make the Augmented Reality the ‘Reality’Geeta Thakur NA2017978-93-82626-46-6No
112Education Geeta Thakur Effectivenss of Computer games in the teaching of Mathematics conceptGeeta Thakur NA2017 978-81-933440-6-4No
113ChemistryPradeep K. VarshneyElectrochemical Green BatteriesPradeep K. Varshney, Shveta MalhotraShri Ram College of Engineering & Management, Palwal during 18-19 April 2017.2017No
114DMCManmeet Bali NagSewa The Sikh Religious Principle of Selfless Service – Implications for Corporate Social Responsibility and Community DevelopmentManmeet Bali NagPresented and Published as abstract2016No
115ChemistryPradeep K. VarshneyGreen Technologies for the Refining of Non-edible Oil Based BiodieselS. Banga, Pradeep K. Varshney, Naveen KumarSitges, Spain during 23-26 October 2016.2016No
116ChemistryPradeep K. VarshneyComparative analysis of a single slope solar still using nano condensing glass coversRicha Pandey, Rajesh Tripathi, Pradeep K. VarshneyGD Goenka University, Gurgaon, India on 21-22 October 20162016No
117CSTManoj KumarPhoto Acquisition System for GEO-Tagged Photo Using Image CompressionBahadur Kunwar, Manoj Kumar, Sachin RatheeBharti Bidyapeeth2016Yes
118Chemistry Vinayak V Pathak Effect of solvent extraction methods on oil yield and its parametric feasibility with C. pyrenoidosaV.V Pathak, R Kothari, AK Chopra, S Ahmad, AK Pandey, NA RahimNA2016978-1-78561-238-1No
119MathematicsDinesh TripathiAn Inequality concerning the Derivative of a PolynomialsD. Tripathi, S. Hans, Babita Tyagi87-882016Yes
120ChemistryMeena KapahiOyster Mushrooms: Waste to TasteMeena Kapahi, Sarita Sachdeva pp. 126-137, 10-12 May 20162016978-951-827-264-2Yes
121DMSAnimesh SinghRelationship between demographic characteristics & organizational commitment : An empirical studyAnimesh SinghNA2016No
122ECEShruti VashistDual Band printed slot antenna for the 5G wireless communication network Nitin Kathuria and  Shruti Vashist1. 978-1-4673-9338-6/16/$31.00©2016 IEEE,pg.1864-1860,March 20162016978-1-4673-9339-3No
123ECEShruti VashistA novel compact dual band UWB antennaNitin Kathuria and  Shruti Vashist978-1-4673-9338-6/16/$31.00©2016 IEEE,pg.1888-1890,March 20162016978-1-4673-9339-3No
124CSTRam ChatterjeeTwitter Truths: Authenticating Analysis of Information CredibilityRam Chatterjee, Samiksha Agarwal(SCOPUS) in proceedings of 10th INDIACom; 3rd 2016 International Conference on Computing for Sustainable Global Development, IEEE Xplore, pp. 2352-2357, 16th – 18th March, 20162016978-9-3805-4421-2Yes
125CSTJyoti PruthiSelection of Query-Utilize Trust-Based Algorithms to Propagate TrustJyoti PruthiBharati Vidyapeeth’s Institute of Computer Applications and Management.2016Yes
126CSTKanika Saini, Rupesh Kumar Mishra, Kavita Bhati and Sumreen KawoosaSocial media based linking approach for finding the effectiveness of the social issuesSaini, K., Mishra, R.K., Bhati, K., Kawoosa, S.Art no. 7813708, Pg. no.7-122016978-1-5090-1666-2Yes
127CSTGaganjot Kaur & Anup Singh KushwahaObservation of Energy Efficiency in Green Cloud Simulatoranup singh kushwaha,   Bashir aalam, gaganjot kaurhttps://ieeexplore.ieee.org/document/75081022016978-1-4673-8203-8Yes
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sponsered by CSIR, NBHM, DST
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weighted Minimum vertex cover.
Anand Gupta, Manpreet Kaur, Adarsh Singh, Aseem Goel, and Shachar Mirkin.Proceedings of the Third Joint Conference on Lexical and Computational Semantics (*SEM 2014)2014No
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 26-27 Sept. 2013
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Clustering (ATESC) based Summarization.
Anand Gupta, Manpreet Kathuria, Arjun Singh, Ashish Sachdeva and Shruti Bhati.pp 101-110, December 20122012978-36-42355-42-4No
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