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Faculty of Education & Humanities Publications

S.NoEnrollment No.Name of Ph.D CandidateBatchDepartmentSupervisorCo-SupervisorBroad AreaNo of Publication till Date
12K18-PFEd-001MAMTA RAJAIN2017-18Education and HumanitiesDr. Kiran GuptaDr. Rashee SinghPsychological Foundations of Education1 Conference & 1 Journal Publication
22K18-PFEd-002PARMOD KUMAR2017-18Education and HumanitiesDr. Babita ParasharPr B S NagiPsychological Foundations of Education2 Journal Publications & 4 Conference Papers
32K19-PFEd-001VIRJA2018-19Education and HumanitiesDr Savita SharmaDr. B.S. NagiTeaching of History2 Papers
42K19-PFEd-002SUDHAKAR JHA2018-19Education and HumanitiesDr. Babita ParasharInclusive Education2 Conference Papers
52K19-PFEd-003ANKIT MAHESWARI2018-19Education and HumanitiesDr. Rashee Singheducational psychologyNIL
62K19-PFEd-004MONIKA BISHNOI2018-19Education and HumanitiesDr. Seema SharmaDr. Kiran GuptaParenting stylesNIL
72K19-PFEd-005SEEMA RANI2018-19Education and HumanitiesDR.RasheeDr.Savita Sharmaeducational psycholNIL
82K20-PFEd-001JAMILA ANSARI2019-20Education and HumanitiesDr. Geeta Thakur Value EducationNIL
92K20-PFEd-002ANSHU SINGLA2019-20Education and HumanitiesDr. Babita Parashar Atal Tinkering Lab3 Conferences Paper and 1 Journal Publication
102K20-PFEd-003SEEMA SAINI2019-20Education and HumanitiesDr. Ritu Sharma Social AdjustmentNIL
112K21-PFEd-001SHREYASI DAS2020-21Education and HumanitiesDr. Babita Parashar Open Educational ResourcesCourse Work in Progress
122K21-PFEd-002ASMA ZAIDI2020-21Education and HumanitiesDr. Babita Parashar Effectiveness of traditional Vs kinesthetic reading strategies in primary school chnCourse Work in Progress
132K21-PFEd-003RADHIKA DHINGRA2020-21Education and HumanitiesDr. Babita ParasharDr. Savita SharmaSocial Media Impact on Adolescents Socio Emotional
Course Work in Progress
142K21-PFEd-004J SRIKANTH REDDY2020-21Education and HumanitiesDr. Ritu Sharma AccreditationsCourse Work in Progress
152K21-PFEd-005BHARTI CHAUHAN2020-21Education and HumanitiesDr. Geeta Thakur students achievement in an online and face to face classes of selected secondary school of NoidaCourse Work in Progress
162K21-PFEd-006ADITI KHANNA2020-21Education and HumanitiesDr. Pooja Health Insurance SectorCourse Work in Progress
172K21-PFEd-007NEHA GOSWAMI2020-21Education and HumanitiesDr. Rashee Singh Digital-learningCourse Work in Progress
182K21-PFEd-008POOJA CHAURASIA2020-21Education and HumanitiesDr.Ritu SharmaDr. Chhavi KulshreshthaDigital India initiatives in
Course Work in Progress
192K21-PFEd-009ISHU JAIN2020-21Education and HumanitiesDr. Geeta Thakur Academic Achievement and Parental InvolvemnentCourse Work in Progress
202K21-PFEd-010KIRAN KALIA2020-21Education and HumanitiesDr. Kiran Gupta Matehmatics AnxietyCourse Work in Progress
212K21-PFEd-011NEHA SAXENA2020-21Education and HumanitiesDr. Kiran Gupta Online and Blended LearningCourse Work in Progress
222K21-PFEd-012PRATISHTHA SINGH2020-21Education and HumanitiesDr. Geeta Thakur Impact of Online classes on
student’s social and physical
Course Work in Progress


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