MRU Placement 2019

Sr.No.Stud.NameBranchNo. of OffersCompany NamePackage
1Chaitanya RanaComputer Science & Technology1Jaro Education, Cubical Labs12, 3
2Avnish KhatriComputer Science & Technology1Jaro Education, Real Time Data services12, 3.34
3AMAN BHARDWAJComputer Science & Technology1Cvent5.55
4Piyush BajpaiComputer Science & Technology1ProHLP Solutions4.5
5Rishabh MatharooComputer Science & Technology1ProHLP Solutions4.5
6VAIBHAV SACHDEVAComputer Science & Technology1Maven Wave4
7ANKIT DAHIYAComputer Science & Technology1Quovantis Technologies4
8RIYA CHAUDHARYComputer Science & Technology1LIST India Private Limited3.85
9VARNITA JAINComputer Science & Technology2LIST India Private Limited, TCS3.85, 3.36
10RIYA NAGPALComputer Science & Technology2LIST India Private Limited, Wipro3.85, 3.5
11SHREYA MITTALComputer Science & Technology3LIST India Private Limited, TCS, Wipro3.85, 3.36, 3.5
12Anupama ChauhanComputer Science & Technology1To The New3.75
13ABHINAV SHARMAComputer Science & Technology1CXC Infotech3.5
14YASHESH DAGARComputer Science & Technology1Valtech India Pvt Ltd3.5
15Riya ChauhanComputer Science & Technology1Wipro3.5
16Nilansh DewanComputer Science & Technology1Dollar advisory3.42
17Lakshaya bhardwajComputer Science & Technology1Dollar advisory3.42
18Shivangi AggarwalComputer Science & Technology2Dollar advisory, Capitalvia3.42, 3.03
19CHERRY SINGHComputer Science & Technology1TCS3.36
20ADITI GUPTAComputer Science & Technology1TCS3.36
21AADITYA GUPTAComputer Science & Technology1TCS3.36
22SAURAV KUMARComputer Science & Technology1TCS3.36
23RAMANDEEP SINGH DEHALComputer Science & Technology1TCS3.36
24UTKARSH KAUSHIKComputer Science & Technology1TCS3.36
25SHREYA KHANDELWALComputer Science & Technology1TCS3.36
26MUSKAAN GUPTAComputer Science & Technology1TCS3.36
27SHUBHAM SHARMAComputer Science & Technology1TCS3.36
28Shraddha BhatiaComputer Science & Technology2Bull Mart Research, Cubical Labs3.36, 3.00
29Himanshu MiglaniComputer Science & Technology2Real Time Data Services, Capitalvia3.34, 3.03
30Karan KaushikComputer Science & Technology1Crowe Horwath IT3.25
31VARNICA KAPOORComputer Science & Technology1NIIT Technologies3.2
32SANYA SINGHComputer Science & Technology1NIIT Technologies3.2
33KARTIK SIBALComputer Science & Technology1NIIT Technologies3.2
34ABHINAV SHARMAComputer Science & Technology1NIIT Technologies3.2
35ARPITA GOELComputer Science & Technology1NIIT Technologies3.2
36SIMRAN SACHDEVAComputer Science & Technology1NIIT Technologies3.2
37Gazal ChaudharyComputer Science & Technology1NIIT Technologies3.2
38Himani GuptaComputer Science & Technology1NIIT Technologies3.2
39Smridhi ChawlaComputer Science & Technology1NIIT Technologies3.2
40Ayush SharmaComputer Science & Technology1Nodwin Gaming3
41Aditya NandwaniComputer Science & Technology1Mphasis2.5
42Aditya NandwaniComputer Science & Technology1Mphasis2.5
43Davinder KaurComputer Science & Technology1Successive Technologies2.5
44Prashant NarangElectronics & Communication Engineering3Capitalvia, Expert Lancing, Sagacious IP3.6
45NIKHIL KUMARElectronics & Communication Engineering2Collabera, Maintec Technology2.2, 1.8
46SHUBHAM JESAIWALElectronics & Communication Engineering1Collabera2.2
47Aman SharmaElectronics & Communication Engineering1Maintec Technology1.8
48Shivam BansalMechanical Engineering4Tata Steel, AglaSem Edutech Pvt. Ltd, Capital Via, Indigo5.25, 3.03, 2.4
49Avneet SinghMechanical Engineering1Tata Steel, Indigo5.25, 2.4
50Surya Pratap SinghMechanical Engineering1Capitalvia3.03
51Gautam ahujaMechanical Engineering2Stryker, Minda Nabtesco Automotive Pvt.3, 3
52Shivam MahajanMechanical Engineering1Stryker3
53Himanshu GargMechanical Engineering1Stryker3
54Gurpreet SinghMechanical Engineering1Minda Nabtesco Automotive Pvt.3
55Pushpinder SinghMechanical Engineering1Indigo2.4
56DheerajMechanical Engineering1Gulati Auto Electricals Pvt. LTd2.4
57Motiur RahmanMechanical Engineering1Gulati Auto Electricals Pvt. LTd2.4
58Kunal SinghMechanical Engineering1Gulati Auto Electricals Pvt. LTd2.4
59K.adityaMechanical Engineering1Gulati Auto Electricals Pvt. LTd2.4
60Rajeev ranjan singhMechanical Engineering1Gulati Auto Electricals Pvt. LTd2.4
61Karan SehgalMechanical Engineering1Gulati Auto Electricals Pvt. LTd2.4
62himanshu gulatiMechanical Engineering1Tomita India2.16
63RaghavElectronics & Communication1True Cip5.5


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