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Helpline no. 0129-4259000



The Department of  Electronics and Communications have sufficient hardware and software to cater the laboratories of the courses offered. Altair package , Xilinx Vivado,  Tanner etc. Few open source softwares like proteus, octave etc are used in various labs.

                                  Communication Lab

Communication Lab This laboratory is equipped with communication training kits specially designed for undergraduate students. It has good quality kits of AM transmitters, SSB, DSB, AM receivers, FM transmitters and receivers, pulse code modulation PCM, PAM, PWM, PPM, and delta modulation and demodulation training kits. This laboratory also has dual chan-nel 60 mHz. CRO with digital display and function generator.

Modulation schemes like amplitude (FC, SC,SSB) and frequency modulation, FDM, etc. are performed using appropriate kits.


                               Analog electronics Lab

The experiment list includes experiments on amplifiers and mosfet circuits that are very essential for ECE students to solidify their theoretical and practical concepts. This is one of the most important designing laboratories for students of the ECE department. In this lab students first design their circuit on software using PSPICE and then simulate it. After simulating on software they again perform the same exp. On a breadboard and match the results

          Digital Electronics and Microcontroller Lab

The experiments include verification of Logic gates and basic gates from universal gates which prepare the students for the experiments on IC like half adder, Full Adder, Subtractor, Comparator , Code converter, Parity checker, multipier, Mux and Demultiplexer. Students will also perform experiments on sequential circuits like Flip Flop, Registers and different types of Counters. The Students will also have hands on 8051 Microcontroller IC for basic programmes like Addition (without loop, with loop, using timer and counter) to advanced projects like LCD and Servo Motor


                            Microwave and antenna lab

Latest apparatus for microwave and antenna experiments are provided to the students.

Microwave and antenna lab

                         Control System Laboratory 

Control system laboratory is equipped with kits to give students hands on regarding various controllers viz PID control method, speed control of DC motor and servo motor, error detector, stepper motor control, compensation techniques etc.

Besides these PLC kits for implementing the basic real-time applications and digital storage oscilloscopes are also available in the laboratory. It is one of the advanced laboratories of the department .


                    Electrical Engineering Laboratory

The Electrical laboratory plays a very important role in the proper functioning of the Electrical Power Systems. Electrical laboratory of the department has set up important experiments based on AC & DC Machines like, Induction machines, Transformers, Phase conversion, DC machines along with other conventional sets of experiments. Special feature of all these experiments is that they are expandable and many different types of tests can be explored on a particular set up. Therefore, it is also very well suited for carrying out project work by students of B.Tech. (ECE)


               Basic Electronics Engineering Laboratory

This  Laboratory is essentially designed and developed for Ist Year Students and demonstrates practicals dealing with the fundamentals of electrical networks, electrical machines, electrical instrumentation, basic electronics devices and their applications. In this laboratory, some of the experiments conducted are based on: Applications of CRO, Multimeter, Power Supply(DC) and Function Generators. The maintenance and repair of the equipment of various laboratories of the department are done in this laboratory.


This laboratory is equipped with high quality dual channel oscilloscopes (C.R.O.), dual power supply, function generators , digital multimeters, milliammeter micro-ammeters, analog and digital voltmeters and ammeters. The students are initially trained to identify the basic electronic components and devices like transistors, diodes, active and passive components, digital ICs etc and further move on to designing various application based projects in the Lab to understand the concept behind the working of various devices.  The students are encouraged to lookup the analog and digital circuits on breadboard and test them using various testing equipments

    Electronics Instruments and Measurement Laboratory

Measurement laboratory is equipped a latest technique of Active & Passive transducers like strain gauge, LVDT, pres-sure cell, frequency meter, thermocouple etc. Apart from these, it also has LCR meter, potential transformer (PT ), oscilloscope, ohm meter etc. The Electronics Instruments measurement laboratory also has basic infrastructure facilities for current, voltage, power, energy, resistance, inductance and capacitance measurement. This laboratory caters to the need of subjects like Measurement, Instrumentation, & Basic Electronics Engineering based experiments.


 PCB Lab

Students are introduced to the world of simulation of electronic circuits. In this lab we can use Dual DC Power Supply. Digital Multimeter, Cutting Tanning Machine, PCB Drilling Machine, PCB Shearing Machine, DIP Coating Machine, PCB proto curing Machine, PCB Proto Developer Machine, PCB photo Etching Machine, Regulated Power Supply. Tool used is Pspice.

 Microprocessor Lab

Microprocessor laboratory is well equipped with 8085 microprocessor kits, 8086 microprocessor kits, and interfacing devices to demonstrate the detailed applications of microprocessors. Along with that students can verify their programs through an 8085 simulator for better understanding of concepts. The lab’s equipment allows students to gain a solid foundation in both microprocessor hardware and software. Students learn assembly language programming, CPU, memory, and I/O design, as well as the interfacing of programmable chips and peripherals like stepper motors, analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog converters, and so on. They gain the necessary practical skills to design and realize basic microprocessor based systems.

 IoT Lab

In this lab the boom in internet and the number of devices connected to internet on the rise, most of the industries today are beginning to adapt IOT onto their operations. IOT provides these industries an effective solution to store the data collected on cloud and carry out various analysis. Keeping in mind, the ECE department has setup the IOT Lab for developing IOT based applications related to Home Automation, Smart Cities, Smart Irrigation, and Smart Health Care etc. The lab is presently utilized by B.Tech. and M.Tech. students for building their projects related to minor, major, and thesis. The lab is equipped with sufficient number of Raspberry Pi boards with various sensors and actuators modules. The high speed LAN and WiFi router are available for providing internet connectivity to Raspberry pi boards.


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