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The department started in 2004 and offers undergraduate programmes in Electronics & Communication Engineering, Electronics & Communication Engineering with Specialization in VLSI Design and Verification  in association with knowledge partner TrueChip,  Electronics & Computer Hons. (Specialization in Healthcare Technology) in association with knowledge partner Sahai Research labs along with Post Graduate programme with specialization in VLSI Design, Communication Engineering, and Embedded Systems with a vision to become a  leading Centre of Excellence for Education, Research and Development with an aim to develop talent and technology through Innovation.

There is a lot of scope in this field as it provides areas of expertise in communication, VLSI, Embedded Systems, Software Engineering, Computer Programming languages etc. The students are made versed with all the latest technologies used in the design and development of all new electronics and computer products. They are also capable of getting involved in R&D activities in various areas of Specializations.

Along with the essential technical knowledge in both the fields of hardware and Software the students are well groomed so as to gain leadership skills, develop competition and be able to sustain in the society by using their skill set through application of technology as they are involved in various projects and industrial internships. Job opportunity in Core  Electronics, Communication Sector as well as all software companies. Technological advancements are showing no signs of slowing down. Various industries are under increasing pressure to adopt and invest in computer hardware and software to save costs and add value. Newer waves of technology, including the Internet of Things (IoT), are already being used on a granular level, such as in the development of smart homes. Electronics and computer engineering is integral to many of the new high-technology and future-trending industries that will majorly contribute to our economy.

This means not only is Electronics and computer engineering one of the newer engineering disciplines, it is also one of the fastest-growing. Many cutting-edge or next-generation technologies need the knowledge of Electronics engineering as well as computer engineers to develop necessary hardware and software solutions, from microcontrollers and processors, to circuit design and supercomputers.

Job opportunity in Core Electronics, Communication Sector as well as all software companies. 

 Employable in Automotive, Services, IoT industries, Smart devices, Software enabled services, Process controlled industries, Embedded solutions industries (Intel, Qualcomm, AMD, STMicroelectronics, Cadence, Freescale, TCS, Accenture, HCL,Wipro).Eligible for Public sector and GATE under ECE and CSE

The department offers courses which have a blend of various subjects of Computer Science ,Electronics, communication and core design  

1. B.Tech. Electronics & Communication Engineering (Basic course)

Covers all IT related courses including latest programming languages. Electives cover three verticals

  • Computer/IT
  • Communication Engineering
  • Embedded/VLSI

2. B.Tech. Electronics & Communication Engineering with Specialization in VLSI Design and Verification in association with knowledge partner TrueChip

Letter of Intent at the time of admission.(Guaranteed placement in core VLSI industry)

Multiple growth in Package as compared to IT.

Truechip is a Verification IP specialist, a leading provider of Design and Verification solutions.

Training Areas include HVL, HDL and Scripting, System Verilog (OVM, VMM, and UVM), Vera, Verilog, VHDL, Perl, C, C++, Unix shell scripting and automation.

Students will work on the following tools:

i. Front End EDA Tools for Design and Verification: Cadence, Synopsys and Mentor FPGA Synthesis:

ii Back End EDA Tools for Physical Design of the circuit: Cadence and Synopsys

Take-aways by students:

  1. Students who are enrolled in the course will have 20 modules designed by Truechip and Futurewiz based upon the current industrial requirements.
  2. Hands-on training from industry experts on industry-leading tools from Mentor Graphics/ Cadence/Synopsys Tools with Verilog, System Verilog and UVM based Training

Placement Opportunities: ST MicroElectronics, Freescale, Cadence, TrueChip, Mentor Graphics

3. B.Tech. Electronics & Communication Engineering (Specialization in Healthcare Technology) in association with knowledge partner Sahai Research labs

Specialization in healthcare technology (developing medical electronic devices for healthcare support using AI/ ML etc)

Take away:

  1. Entrepreneurship support through Patent and Start up ( 6 patents already acquired)
  2. Stipend starting from 9000/- during prototype development.
  3. Certified industry internship.
  4. Industry driven curriculum
  5. Multidisciplinary Projects Takeaways


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