Code of Conduct


The MRU Ordinance no. 1 lays the following Attendance norms for students for appearing in the end-term examinations:

A  student  shall  be  required  to  have  a  minimum  attendance of  75%   in  a course to be eligible to appear in end semester examination of that particular course. A relaxation of 5% in attendance may be given by the Dean of Faculty on the basis of genuine reasons such as illness, participation in university nominated extra and/or co-curricular, sports activities. Further relaxation of 5% may be given by the Vice Chancellor in case of participation in national/international competitions, natural calamities or ailment of parents etc.  All students detained, due to shortage of attendance, in a course shall be required to re – register for the course and all previous internal assessments/test scores shall become null and void.

Dean of concerned faculty shall  announce  the    names  of  all such students who are not  eligible to appear in a particular course/ courses, normally a week before the start of the  semester-end examination and simultaneously intimate the same to the Dean of Examinations. In case any  student appears  by default, who in fact has been detained by the university, his/her result shall be treated as null and void.

The students are advised to ensure that they meet the minimum attendance requirement for appearing in the semester end examination failing which they shall not be allowed to sit in the examination. Students are also advised to maintain utmost expected discipline in and outside the university campus. Disturbance of tranquility of the campus in particular and society in general, through any means shall be treated as an act of indiscipline and suitable disciplinary action shall be taken against the defaulting students. Students are also advised to dress appropriately, while in campus, as per demand of the occasion.

The university has zero tolerance for indiscipline in and outside the campus by the students. Drinking, taking drugs, damaging university property, indulging in any kind of violence, misbehaving with fellow students/teachers, ragging etc. are included in the list of undesirable activities and constitute the moral turpitude. Such misconduct shall invite very strict action including suspension/rustication from the roles of the university against the defaulter students.


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