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Helpline no. 0129-4259000

Helpline no. 0129-4259000


FAQs for Transport

Q-1 Is there any bus facility from user’s location?

Ans. Yes, please refer the stop list at transportation Page.

Q-2 What type of transport facility is provided to the students for their location?

Ans. a) AC for Delhi,Gurgaon, Noida, Faridabad & Palwal

Q-3 What are the safety devices installed in the buses of Manav Rachna?

Ans. Every AC bus is equipped with GPS, Speed Governor, CCTV, Monitor, First Aid Kit and Fire Extinguisher.

Q-4 What are the transport charges for the said location?

Ans. Proposed Transport charges for the session 2022-23 are as follows:

  1. Delhi – 1(South): Rs.55,200/-
  2. Delhi – 2 (Rest of Delhi):  Rs.60,000/-
  3. Noida:  Rs.60,000/-
  4. Gurugram: Rs.60,000/-
  5. Palwal:  Rs.48,000/-
  6. Faridabad:  Rs.38,000/-
  7. Faridabad – Off Campus Hostel:  Free

Q-5 What will be the route for their location?

Ans. Based on the users strength at each location, routes will be finalized only after the closure of admission procedure of MREI.

Q-6 What will be the arrival and departure timings to and from the Campus of MREI?

Ans. Arrival at Campus 7:45 AM

Departure from Campus 16:400 PM

Q-7 How can the transport facility be availed?

Ans. Immediately after the admission card is issued to the student, student is to approach the transport counter for registration there and a Transport Application Form will be issued to deposit the transport fee with the CAD (Central Accounts Department) official at MREI campus only.

Q-8 Can the transport fee, be deposited in parts?

Ans. No, it is paid in full for the whole session in advance at the time of availing transport facility.

Q-9 What will be the mode of payment of Transport Fee?

Ans. Transport Fee is accepted only by the two modes of payment i.e. Demand Draft and Credit or Debit Card, Paytm, NEFT, PNB Challan. 2.1% Extra charge on credit card.

Q-10 What document will be issued to the transport user after depositing transport charges?

Ans. Initially, a transport fee receipt is issued by the CAD immediately after depositing applicable transport fee and after showing the receipt to the Transport official at the counter, a Transport ID Card is issued to the student which must be carried by him/her daily at the time of using Manav Rachna transport facility.

Q-11 Can the transport facility be withdrawn?

Ans. No, transport facility can’t be withdrawn except under the following conditions:

a) Withdrawal of Admission,

b) Shifting of residence to the place where the transport facility of Manav Rachna is not available

c) Shifting to the Hostel of Manav Rachna.

Q-12 What amount will be refunded, in case of the transport facility is withdrawn?

Ans. Refund will be as per the Transport Refund Policy, as approved by the competent authority of Manav Rachna, by making the deductions, calculated on the total transport charges for the whole academic session which is as follows:

If the withdrawal is applied from the date Deduction Applicable of the commencement of the session;

  • Before Commencement of the session NIL (no deduction)
  • From 1st day to 30th day 25%
  • From 31st day to 60th Day 50%
  • From 61st Day to 180th Days 75%
  • After 180 days 100%

Q-13 How, the information and updates are conveyed to the transport users?

Ans. Any information/Circulars, issued by the Transport Department, are displayed outside the Transport office as well as in each and every route bus. Information is also conveyed through the Notice Boards of the respective Institutes/Faculties.

Q-14 Is there any Fine and Penalty clause?

Ans. Yes, it is decided and imposed as per the approval of the compellent authority of Manav Rachna.

a) In case of default in fee payment, there is a Late Fee Fine, which is charged as per the rate approved by the competent authority of Manav Rachna.

b) In case of any indiscipline in or around bus or transport system or campus, disciplinary action along with the penalty as approved by the competent authority of Manav Rachna may be levied.

c) In case, the user is found travelling in Manav Rachna bus without carrying the valid transport ID Card, he/she may be fined.

d) In case, the Transport ID Card / Fee Receipt is misplaced, Rs. 200/- is charged towards Duplicate Transport ID Card charges and a FIR/ Affidavit on stamp paper duly attested by the Notary Public is required to submit by the transport users with the Transport department of Manav Rachna.

Q-15 From where the buses can be boarded in the Campus?

Ans. The buses are parked behind T-Block and can be boarded only from there at the scheduled time. To avoid any inconvenience, users are advised to reach there in the parking at least 10 minutes before the scheduled departure of buses. After leaving the parking area of the campus, buses will not stop midway.

Q-16 In case of bus breakdown on the route, what will be the alternative arrangement?

Ans. Firstly, the transport department makes efforts in providing an alternative transport facility, if failed, in rare circumstances, hiring of the public vehicle, at individual/group (pool) at user’s level, may also be the alternative solution at that time on reimbursement basis but with the prior intimation or permission with the Transport Department of Manav Rachna. Bill / Invoice will be required for reimbursement of payment.

Q-17 Do the bus wait at the stop for the student?

Ans. No, the students are to reach at stop at least 5 minutes before the scheduled stop time.

Q-18 In case of Emergencies, who can be contacted?

Ans. For security-related emergencies, the Security Official of Manav Rachna i.e. 9650408080 may be called. In case of extreme emergency of security, Police at 100 may also be called.
For Route related emergencies, Route Supervisors or the Manager Transport of Manav Rachna at the nos. displayed in the buses may be contacted.

Q-19 How  a seat in the bus can be claimed by the authorized transport users?

Ans. A seat number is given to every transport user on the basis of the First-Come-First-Serve basis. Students are to claim the allotted seat itself in the bus and in case, the seat is already occupied by another student, he/she may be asked to vacant the seat by the actual allottee. In case of default in claim, available transport staff or the faculty members, in the bus, may be requested for help. The student, who deposits the full transport fee first, is eligible to get seat first. Depositing of transport fee does not confirm the allotment of seat in the bus. List of the transport users is displayed on every route bus with their allotted seat numbers.

Q-20 What will be the validity of the Transport ID Card?

Ans. Transport fee is always charged once in full for the whole academic session and it is valid upto the end of the Academic session for which the transport fee is deposited.

Q-21 What is the procedure of registering the transport related complaint/feedback?

Ans. a) There is a Complaint/Feedback Register, kept with the Transport Department and any kind of complaint may be lodged in it.

b) Students can register their complaint/feedback through email ID of the Transport Manager i.e. akhilesh.transport@mriu.edu.in

c)   Complaint/Feedback drop boxes are placed at Transport Office and in the Bus Parking area in the campus.

Q-22 Is there any online access to the Transport System of Manav Rachna?

Ans. Yes, of course, there is. By accessing the link on your computer, the detailed transport system can be accessed directly by yourself.

Q-23 What is the alternative mode of transport of reaching MREI Campus?

Ans.  A) Haryana Roadways City Bus Service which directly connects MREI Campus with Delhi from Tughlakabad Metro Station,

B) Haryana Roadways city Bus Service which directly connects MREI Campus with Gurgaon from Bus Stand via Gurgaon-Faridabad Road, NIT

C) DMRC which Connects MREI Campus with Delhi and Faridabad users through Metro services on Voilet Line upto Badkhal Metro Station and Auto ride from there to the campus.

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