Mechanical, Automobile & Aerospace Research – RIC

  • Mr. Ashish Saxena
    Assistant Professor
    Qualification: M.Tech
    Experience: 3 Yrs Teaching




    Mr. Kartik Rampal
    Research Associate
    Qualification: B.Tech
    Experience: 2 Yrs
    Area of interest: Automobile, FEM, Design 


    Dr. Abhishek KumarDr. Abhishek Kumar
    Associate Professor
    Qualification:- Ph.D, MTech, BE (Mechanical Engineering)
    Publications:- 9, Experience:- 18
    Area of interests:- Biomechanics, mechanics of materials, finite element methods, Automobile.


    Dr. Debashis PramanikDr. Debashis Pramanik
    Qualification: Ph.D., (IIEST), M Tech, IIT Delhi
    Publications: 26 , Experience: 33 years (in place of my TERI’s 25 years exp. in research and consultancy job as of June 2014, my NPC’s/ BTECON 1.5 years exp. in consultancy, Tata steel’s 2 years exp. in Maintenance Management job; including 4 years in MRIIRS ). 
    Areas of Interest: Industrial and Maintenance Engineering, Energy Efficiency
    Email :


    Dr. Basanta Kumar BhuyanDr. Basanta Kumar Bhuyan
    Associate Professor
    Qualifications: Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering, MNNIT, Allahabad

    Publications: 31, Experience:- 12

    Area of interests:- Development and Performance Study of Hybrid/Advanced Multi-Scale Machining Processes; Modelling and Optimization Study of Hybrid/Advanced Multi-Scale Machining Processes

    Email :


    Ajit Katiyar Ajit Katiyar
    Associate Professor
    Qualifications: PhD. (Pursuing) BIT SINDRI

    Publications: 09, Experience:- 11

    Area of interests:- Industrial Engineering, Ergonomics, Human Factors and Work Place Design, Man- Machine Interaction



    The Mechanical Engineering  Fraternity of MREI to be recognized globally for outstanding technical education and research leading to well qualified Mechanical Engineers, who are innovative, entrepreneurial and successful in advanced fields of Mechanical Engineering so that they can  add great value in satisfying ever changing industrial demands and social needs.


    1.To offer research facilities to provide collaborative environment that stimulates faculty, staff and students with opportunities to create, analyze, apply and disseminate knowledge.

    2.To develop world class R&D organization, educational institutions, and alumni for excellence in teaching, research and consultancy practices.

    3.To prepare its faculty and students to pursue state-of-the-art research, projects, innovations, publications and patents.

  • Research Areas

    • Design Engineering
    • Manufacturing Engineering
    • Thermal Engineering
    • Industrial  and Production Engineering
    • Reliability Engineering
    • Automobile Engineering
    • Aerospace Engineering


  • MoU Signed

    Orient Electric Pvt. Ltd. – Click here

  • Projects & Competitions

    Competitions :

    • Participated in BAJA SAE INDIA 2010, Pritumpura, Indore
    • Participated and won two prizes in SUPRA SAE INDIA 2011, at Chennai.
    • Participated in SUPRA SAE INDIA 2012, at BIC Noida.
    • Participated in BAJA SAE Tennessee 2013.
    • Participated in Formula Student Bharat at BIC Noida 2014
    • Participated in International Go cart event at LPU Ludhiana. 2016
    • Participated in Formula Student Japan SAE at Japan 2016.
    • Participated in SAE SUPRA 2016-17
    • Participated in Formula Student Bharat at Coimbatore, 2018.

    Projects :