Atmospheric & Environment Sciences Research – RIC

  • Dr. B.M. Bahal
    Professor & Dean Faculty of Applied Sciences & Research MRU
    Qualification: M.Sc. & Ph.D. from IIT Kanpur
    Experience: 40 Years
    Area of Interest: Renewable Energy (Passive & active Solar heating) and prediction of earthquake based on changes in Ionospheric properties (Atmospheric Sciences
    No. of Research Publications: 45

    Dr. Dinesh Kumar Sharma
    Professor, Department of Physics, MRU
    Qualification: M. Sc., Ph. D. (IIT, Roorkee)
    Experience: 15 years
    Area of Interest: Ionospheric studies and Atmospheric Sciences
    No. of Research Publication: 78

    Dr. Rajeev Kumar
    Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry FET, MRIIRS Faridabad
    Qualification: Ph.D (Chemistry), M.Sc. (Chemistry), CSIR NET
    Experience: 9 years of teaching experience & 3 years of JRF Research
    Area of Interest: Synthesis, Water purification
    No. of Research Publications: 33

    Dr. Jyoti Chawla
    Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry FET, MRIIRS Faridabad
    Qualification: Ph.D (Chemistry), M.Sc. (Chemistry), CSIR NET
    Experience: 12 years of teaching experience & 3 years of JRF Research
    Area of Interest: Surfactant Chemistry, Water purification and Nanochemistry
    No. of Research Publications: 38
    No. of Chapter/Book: 01

    Ms. Meena Kapahi
    Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry, MRU, Faridabad
    Qualification: M.Sc. (Env. Sci.), M.Tech. (Env. Sci. & Engg.), NET, Pursuing Ph.D.
    Experience: 12.5 years; research: 05 years; Industry: 01 approx.
    Area of Interest: Water purification, Mushroom cultivation, Soft Skills
    No. of Research Publications: 26

    Dr. Sudhish Kumar Shukla
    Associate Professor, Associate Head & B.Tech Coordinator Department of Chemistry, MRU Faridabad
    Qualification: Ph.D (Chemistry), M.Sc. (Chemistry)
    Experience: 8 Years of teaching and 11 years of Research Experience
    Area of Interest: Corrosion and Inhibitor development, Ultrasound and microwave synthesis of Organic compounds
    No. of Research Publications: 34

  • Vision:

    Aim of the cluster of Atmospheric & Environment Sciences is to be a centre for knowledge generation through research in the frontier areas of Atmospheric & Environment Sciences. The cluster will establish itself at National and International level and will publish the research work which is relevant for societal needs and sustainable development.

    Cluster Mission:

    To conduct research in the areas of Atmospheric & Environment Sciences for sustainable development

    To evaluate the problems arising due to environmental pollution

    To train and produce human resources in the relevant areas

    To aim for patents and publications of quality research work in the frontal areas


  • Research Areas

    • Ionospheric response to solar flares and geomagnetic storms
    • Water quality: monitoring assessment and remediation
    • Development of new corrosion inhibitors
  • MoU Signed

    To be in progress

  • Projects & Competitions


    Projects (Ongoing) 

    1. Heavy Metal Assessment and Remediation, Faridabad 

    The sector 58 has a large no. of authorised/unauhorised electroplating units employing labour without  any precautions/safety measures. A large no. of children are engaged in this sector. The units discharge heavy metal laden waste water to the nearby pits without any treatment. This has hazardous implications on the underground water supply, soil, human health, etc. Read More

    Projects (Pipeline)

    1. Assessment of Chitraka Pokhar Pond at Mohna Village 
    • Present status of the pond: It has almost dried up due to shrunken and blocked storm water drains diverting water to the pond.
    • Challenges:
      • Increasing scarcity of water in the village
      • Receding ground water table
      • Blocked storm drain & high rain/runoff water losses
      • Unauthorized construction near the pond
      • Awareness among the villagers regarding pond and water quality Read More

    To View Projects & Competitions: Click Here

    Award in poster Presentation by cluster Student Member

    • Poster presentation by cluster student member – Ms. Akanksha Ahuja (B.Tech. CST), former G-STIC 2017 (Brussels, Belgium) winner, was invited with registration fee waived off and presented poster on ‘Give wings to Pink Bins’ in one of the sessions in G-STIC 2018, Brussels, Belgium on November 28-30, 2018. (Authors: Akanksha Ahuja, Meena Kapahi, Prof. (Dr.) B.M. Bahal.