Radio Manav Rachna 107.8 FM

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Radio Manav Rachna 107.8 FM -“Feel good Feel live”, is a 24X7 Community Radio Station powered by Manav Rachna Vidyanatariksha. Radio Manav Rachna (RMR) is dedicated to community service and we try to be the voice of the community that we serve with thoughtful and insightful programming. The programming of the radio station is sensitive to the needs and problems of the community.

We at Radio Manav Rachna live up to our tagline, making our listeners lives happy and meaningful. We as a Community Radio try to cover certain fundamental aspects related not only to social awareness, health, spirituality, education, career, youth but entertainment and FUN also, because our motto is Feel good and Feel live.

Being the first & only Radio Station in Faridabad we try to engage with our community on daily basis, creating an emotional and imaginative bond with our listeners. At RMR there is an effective involvement of community connect at different levels. The ever welcoming philosophy of our Radio Station encourages the people of Faridabad to walk up to us freely and participate in various programmes.

Many spiritually awakened community members are invited to discuss elements of divine awareness and better life. Our day starts with a power dose of positive energy. We have a dedicated band of 3 hours where highly significant and evocative spiritual discourses are aired.

Radio Manav Rachna strikes a unique chord with the youth as we understand their aspirations, dilemmas, challenges; young boys and girls and students are often part of the bustling radio station and are interviewed on topics which are relevant and important to them.

Health awareness is one of our prime focus areas. Doctors, gynecologists and various experts are invited from the nearby areas to answer the queries raised from time to time. Being a Community Radio a lot of our emphasis is on social issues like sanitation, women empowerment, drug addiction, anti-smoking, water conservation, sanitation, blood donation-these topics are generally the fabric of the programmes.

By the end of the day Radio has to be a happy place and we have a beautiful mix of music. Our playlist is an interesting blend of various genres of songs. We have an amazing song bank and our “music on demand” is the talk of the town. Apart from the community connect, educational and entertainment value RMR 107.8 serves as a platform for training students of BJMC and MJMC in Radio production, broadcast, Jocking, Comparing etc. This exposure makes them industry ready.