Radio Manav Rachna 107.8 FM

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Mr. Ujjwal Vishal
Deputy Director- RMR and Head (Media Centre)

Radio Manav Rachna 107.8 FM – “Feel good Feel live”, is a 24X7 Community Radio Station powered by ‘Manav Rachna Vidyanatariksha’. Radio Manav Rachna (RMR) is dedicated to community service and we try to be the voice of the community that we serve with thoughtful and insightful programming. The programming of the radio station is sensitive to the needs and problems of the Community.

Being the first & only Radio Station in Faridabad we try to engage with our community on daily basis, creating an emotional and imaginative bond with our listeners. Stepping into its decade year Radio Manav Rachna 107.8 FM, has made a prominent place into the hearts of its listeners with choicest content rich programs, awareness, music & entertainment. Living up to its tag line “Feel Good Feel Live” RMR believes in bringing a positive change into the lives of its listeners.

With a state of the art, energy enthusing colorful interiors and studios, RMR has spread its wings on the digital platform also by its YouTube channel “MR Infoline”. This Channel further provides an added advantage to reach all seamlessly 24/7 on the web.

Radio Manav Rachna strikes a unique chord with the youth as we understand their aspirations, dilemmas, challenges; young boys & girls and students are often part of the bustling radio station and are interviewed on topics which are relevant and important to them.

Many spiritually awakened community members are invited to discuss elements of divine awareness and better life. Our day starts with a power dose of positive energy. We have a dedicated band of 3 hours where highly significant and profound spiritual discourses are aired.

Health awareness is one of our prime focus areas. Doctors, Gynecologists and various experts are invited from the nearby areas to answer the queries raised from time to time. Being a Community Radio a lot of our emphasis is on social issues like Sanitation, Women Empowerment, Drug addiction, Anti-smoking, Water Conservation, Blood donation, Education.

By the end of the day Radio has to be a happy place and we have a beautiful mix of music. Our playlist is an interesting blend of various genres of songs. We have an amazing song bank and our “music on demand” is the talk of the town.

Various community benefit programs and projects have been taken up to spread awareness, or to bring an issue into the notice of the authority, or address community at large. For instance eradication of tobacco has been a major concern which has been addressed numerous times in various formats of programs like awareness capsules, chat with specialists or direct interaction with the youth. Similarly many such concerns have been taken up daily in the Radio Programs. Working on a format of Infotainment different programs on career counseling, education, health, Legal advice, spirituality, sports, relationships etc have been broadcast.

Every year a campaign is taken up by RMR on its foundation day which is carried the whole year to spread awareness. Many concerns have been addressed by such campaigns like Cancer Awareness, Tobacco Eradication, Women’s health and Sanitation, Save Energy, Pollution, Swachhta Abhiyaan, Literacy for all, celebrating the work of unsung heroes of society and many more.

Bhakti Prabhat 4-7 am Day’s journey begins with a blend of Spiritual discourses and Bhajans.
Body, Food & Fitness 7-8 am It’s all about Food, Fitness, Yoga & Meditation. A daily regime to Health.
Morning Adda 8-10 am Morning drive time show laced with Current affairs, Latest updates about weather, traffic, bollywood, sports interspersed with the current running campaigns.
Youngistan Ki Dhadkan 10-12 noon Youth centric content, high on social media trends, consumption, careers and lifestyle.
O Womaniya 12-1:30 pm Focus on Women issues, Health awareness, homemaking,  Beauty, lifestyle and entrepreneurship.
Vidyantariksha 1:30-2 pm Career guidance straight from the stakeholders, i.e. from Manav Rachna faculties. A first hand information on courses, facilities and career planning.
Vidyantariksha 2-4 pm A stroll in the memory lane, the Golden era and old evergreen classics melodies, interesting trivia and anecdotes.
Punjabi Tadka 4-5 pm Old rhythmic number from ‘Saada Punjab’ with hit numbers from the folk culture of Punjab and trendy latest Punjabi numbers.
Punjabi Tadka 5-8 pm This Evening Drive time show is laced with Current latest development of the day, Latest updates about weather, traffic, bollywood, sports with contemporary popular numbers.
Dil Dosti Deewangi 8-10 pm Into the musical world of Love, Friendship, romantic songs of 90s.


Weekend programs – Saturday & Sunday

A power packed weekend special programming block. Our Community participants contribute toward shows like Café Classics, Dil Apna Punjabi, Dilkashi (Ghazals spl.), Yaadon Ki Diary (Kahaani spl.), Sufi Mehfil, Countdown (top latest songs). We are in agreement with BBC and also broadcast specialTop of the pops (English)