Live Your Dream Career For A Day

‘Live your dream career for a day’ is another endeavor at Manav Rachna Educational Institutions which helps the young human capital of the nation to choose the right career path. Students’ cognitive activities take a giant leap in the senior secondary years. During this time, when they are exploring possibilities about their career, we feel that they should be given every opportunity and insight which makes their self-discovery easier. Keeping this in mind, Manav Rachna Educational Institutions launched “Live your career for a day” drive.

The students get to come to the Manav Rachna Campus and visit a skill hub that relates to their area of interest expressed. This is followed by them spending the entire day engaging themselves in activities which would be a part of their workday. The students will preliminarily decide a discipline that they would like to make a career in and they do this by choosing any of the options given in the registration form attached herewith. The registrations are received from the school well in advance to ensure world-class arrangement when the students arrive.

Skill Hubs

Dream Big, Start Small, Act Now!

We invite you to come and take a flavor of higher studies and a career in the field of your choice, at none other than the Manav Rachna campus of universities. The following options are available for you to choose from:

  • Engineering
  • Planning and Architecture (Interior Design, Designing of life-like models under experts)
  • Mass Communication (Creating short films, Filming techniques at Mass communication studio
  • Radio Jockeying (Radio Manav Rachna 107.8 FM)\
  • Hotel Management
  • Dentistry
  • Law
  • Education
  • Biotechnology
  • Physiotherapy
  • Dietetics & Nutrition
  • Sports Sciences
  • Psychology
  • Management Simulation (BBA/B.Com/MBA/M.Com)
  • Innovation & Incubation Centre
  • Visual Arts

Contact Us

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Helpline: +91 73038 19911; 73038 29911

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