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Helpline no. 0129-4259000

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Students’ Achievements

  1. Aman Kakkar (M.A English, Semester I) published two poems ‘Faith and Hope in Shattered Love’ and ‘Emotional Adieu’ in an Anthology ‘It’s All upto Destiny‘, ISBN 978-93-91221-40-9.
  2. Vani Jaiswal, B.A (H) English, Semester III won second prize in poetry writing competition conducted by DSW (Student Council, Manav Rachna University)
  3. Simarjeet, B.A (H) English, Semester III published poem Equality in the anthology named Anthropami (ISBN 9781639049509), Hidden Sights in Be My Lovable One (ISBN: 9354523380), The Unconditional Love in True Sayings (ISBN: 9354524936). She also published a book titled The Perfect Companionship (ISBN: 9354520723)
  4. Mansa Panigrahi, B.A (H) English, Semester-V co- authored anthologies named Hope We Cross Paths Someday (ISBN: 978-93-91815-15-8), Birthday (ISBN 978-93-91221-57-7) and Untouched Feelings (ISBN:978-93-91221-75-1), stood third in the Fun with Story Telling Competition conducted on 7 September, 2021 under 2-Day National Literary Fest LITDEAS organized by Department of English, MRIIRS
  5. Gunika Dudeja, B.A (H) English, Semester-V won the first match against Swami Vivekanand University of Meerut while being a part of MRIIRS basketball girls’ team. She also participated in North Zone inter-university basketball competition.
  6. Namrata Maity, A (H) English, Semester-V published a collection of poetry and a short story with four co- authors. The book is titled Mist of Life (ISBN: 9781639740789).
  7. Anjali Aggarwal, A (H) English, Semester-V published You Still Have Yourself in the anthology named Anthropami (ISBN 9781639049509), My Vision: My Colour? in the book Compendium (MRIIRS) and I’m Talking To You in the book Memories that stir our heart.
  8. Alisha Gulati, A. (H) English, Semester IV published a bookAnthropami’ (ISBN 9781639049509) publisher Notion press Delhi, May 2021.


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