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Faculty of Architecture & Design (FAD)

About Faculty of Architecture & Design

Architecture often considered as mother of all arts is both a challenge & an opportunity at the same time. It has evolved from being a planning based exercise to a volumetric based experience.

We encourage the students to play with the 3D forms and how it affects the built environment and increases human interaction.

Architecture, in the most simple terms, particularly to a layman, would mean the “Art and Science of Designing Buildings”.

One would assume that as “Built Form” it is something which is Measureable, or Quantitative in nature and hence Tangible, or IS IT? It is anything but that. It is more Qualitative that Quantitative. It is in fact intangible. It is something which is beyond Measure and Mundane. It is Fluid, Dynamic, like Waves of Ocean. It is always there, ever present, Constant in a way but also ever changing. Forming and Breaking, again and again.Constant yet Changing? Strange is it not? Intriguing, Surreal or Mystical, or all of it together. Yes, it is all of it put together.

To be able to really see Architecture, you need to see it through your Mind’s eye. Just like sometimes you travel from thought to thought and not from place to place. Then only you can interpret or reinterpret the Space and all the mysteries, the word Space encompasses including its Spirit. The Spirit of Architecture is an outcome of its Essence. It is manifested through a medium like Built Form. Just like a beautiful thought is conveyed beautifully through Poetry. Subtle, indirectly yet right in your face. Like saying “I love you” without actually saying it, like saying it through your eyes only and not through spoken words, for Architecture is Visual Music.

At Manav Rachna one can learn the Art of conveying MORE through LESS. Experience the Sound of Silence, the Silence of Simplicity, and the true Architecture.

We offer future professionals a holistic educational experience and prepare them for an exciting and challenging career ahead in the industry and imbibing the spirit of creativity, teamwork and entrepreneurship.

Our collective active engagement is not just a necessity but mission critical. We invite all aspiring students as well as faculty to join us in our endeavor.

FACULTY OF ARCHITECTURE AND DESIGN is headed by a Dean and their highly competent Senior professionals who are assisted by a group of dynamic and young teachers to impart the best educations to students.

FAD has an exclusive and well equipped library, computer labs, printing and reprographic section and model making facility etc. It is housed in an independent building and the students have a conducive environment to pursue creative work.


MRIIRS is now a Q S Star rated University and has been conferred with Five Stars for Teaching, Facilities, Social Responsibility and Four Stars for Employability.

Many trophies have been achieved by the Faculty which includes design & debate competitions, sports as well as art and graphics in inter college competitions.

Associated with NASA, and hosted zoNASA 2k16.


  • AIM: To instil in individuals the delicate sense of design and generate acumen as creative professionals.
  • Students interested in B.Arch are admitted on the basis of marks obtained in the National Aptitude Test in Architecture (NATA) administered by CoA (Council of Architecture). Students for B.Sc Interior Design is admitted on the basis of portfolios of previous work.
  • The Programme is centered on ‘studio environment’ where students are expected to resolve life-like design problems on their own.

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