Thrust area of Research

Unconventional Machining: Dr. Basant Bhuyan

Metal Cutting and Tool Wear: Dr. Manoj Nayak

Precision Machining: Dr.R V Singh and Prof. S.K. Bhatnagar

Biomechanics: Dr. Abhishek Chauhan

Energy Management and Analysis: Dr. Debashis Pramanik

Material Characterizations: Dr. A K S Choudhary

Mechanical Design Analysis: Dr. Devdutt

Quality Control and TQM: Dr. Virender Narula

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  • National Seminar on Alternative Politics: Peace and Sustainability on October 4, 2019 by MRU
  • Mega Alumni Meet on October 5th, 2019 by FET, MRIIRS: Read More  
  • India Innovation Challenge Design Contest 2019 on 31st October at MRU: Read More
  • Green and Sustainable Chemistry Conference from 7 Nov to 8 Nov, 2019, by MRU: Click More


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