Sr. No.Name of the LabName of Equipment/Trainer with brief specifications
1FM&TPelton Wheel Turbine Test Rig
2Francis Turbine Test Rig
3Gear Oil Pump Test Rig
4Kaplan Turbine
1  HEAT TRANSFER LABThermal Conductivity of Metal bar
2Heat Transfer in Natural Convection
3Heat Transfer through lagged pipe
4 Thermal conductivity of insulating slab
5Cross flow heat exchanger
6Heat Transfer in Forced Convection
7Heat Transfer in PIN FIN
8Emmissivity Measurement Apparatus
9Parallel Flow / Counter Flow Heat Exchanger
10Stefan Boltzman Apparatus
11Two phase heat transfer apparatus
1THERMAL LABDead Weight Tester
2Lan Cashire Boiler Model
3Bob Cock and Wilcox Boiler Model
4Lever safety Valve Model
5Spring loaded safety valve model
6Feed check valve model
7Steam Injector Model
8Stop valve
9Steam Engine Model
10Stuffing Box Model
11Cochran Boiler Model
12Locomotive Boiler Model
13Delaval Turbine Model
14Reaction Turbine Model
15Cooling Tower Model
16Air or Steam Pressure Turbine Model
17Two stroke petrol engine test rig
18Air compressor of two stage – two cylinder test rig
19De-level Turbine Transparent Window Model
20Pressure and Velocity Compounded Turbine Model
21Pure Reaction Turbine Model
22Surface Condenser Model
23Jet Condenser Model(Parallel Type)
24Jet Condenser Model(counter flow model)
25Evaporative Condenser Model
26Air Pre-heater Model
27Sectional model of 2-stroke petrol engine
28Sectional model of 4-stroke petrol engine
29Sectional model of 2-stroke diesel  engine
30Sectional model of 4-stroke diesel engine
31Gas Turbine Model
32High steam and low water steam valve model
33Green Economiser Model
34Sudgen Super Heater Model
351 cylinder 4-stroke petrol engine test rig
364 cylinder 4-stroke petrol engine with hydrolic break dynometer
1FLUID MECHANICS LABImpact of jet on vanes
2Discharge over notch
3Losses due to friction in pipeline
4Flow through orifice and mouthpiece
5Bernoulli’s Theorem Apparatus
6Reynolds  apparatus
7Discharge through venturimeter &orifice meter rota meter
8Loses due to pipe fitting sudden enlargement and contraction
1Refrigeration & Air-conditioning LabRefrigeration Test Rig Capacity 1/3 Ton
2Air-conditioning Test Rig Capacity 1.5 Ton
3Mechanical Heat Pump Capacity 1/3 TR (P253)
4ICE Plant Tutor Circuit Capacity 20 kg/day
1DYNAMICS OF MACHINECam Analysis apparatus
2Motorised Gyroscope Test Rig
3Governor Apparatus
4Static and Dynamic Balancing Machine
5Universal vibration apparatus
6Motorized Gyroscope Apparatus
7Universal Governor Apparatus
8Whirling of shaft apparatus
9Static and Dynamic Balancing Machine
10Compound gear train
11Epicyclic gear train Apparatus
12Grashoff’s law Apparatus
13Coriollis component Apparatus
1MATERIAL SCIENCE LABInclined Metallurgical Microscope(two)
2Material of Different Structure
3Heat Treatment Furnace
4Metallurgical Polishing Machine
1SOM LABUniversal Testing Machine
2Extensometer with Two Dial Gauge
3Impact Testing Machine HIT-30
4Spring Testing Machine ETC
5Hardness Testing Machine
6Beam Testing Machine
7Shear Force Apparatus
8Dimond Indentor
9Vicker hardness tester
10Torsion testing machine
11Fatigue testing machine
1Applied Mechanics LabBell crank lever apparatus
2Combined inclined plane friction slide apparatus with iron base (transfer from BM lab)
3Combined inclined planes friction slide apparatus with wooden base
4Moment of inertia of flywheel (25cm)
5Winch crab double purchase
6Worm and worm wheel single start
7Worm and worm wheel double start
8Worm and worm wheel triple start
9Screw jack simple
10Parallel force apparatus
11Parallelogram force apparatus
12Lami’s theorem apparatus
13Varignon’s theorem
14pulley apparatus
15circular disc apparatus
16simply supported roof , truss apparatus
1Kinematics of Machine LabDog clutch drive (Single Sided)
2Cone clutch Model
3Flanged coupling
4Oldham coupling Model (Rolling Friction)
5Allen Link Motion Model
6Differential gear model
7Helical gear model
8Combined Inclined Plane models
9Pulley Demonstration Set Model
10Wheel and Differential Axle
11Crank & Slotted Link Drive
12Slider Crank Mechanism
13Cam with straight line follower Model
14Face- Cam drive free follower Model
15Belt Drive Toothed Model
16Belt Drive Two Stage Model
17Belt Drive Model
18Hook’s Coupling Single
19Hook’s Coupling Doble
1CIM LABDeep Drawing Machine
2CNC Lathe Trainer
3CNC Milling Trainer
1Metrology/Mechatronics LabProfile Projector
2Floating Carriage
3Surface Roughness measuring Machine
4Surface Plate
5PLC Trainer with modules, Scientific dual power Supply
6Auto Collimeter
7Tool maker microscope
8Gear roller tester (parkinson type)
9Floating Carriage micrometer
1Simulation LabMATLAB
3Symbolic math toolbox
4DSP System tool box
5Comunication  system toolbox
6Image processing toolbox
7Fuzzy logic toolbox
8Neural network toolbox
9Control system toolbox
10optimization toolbox
11Global optimization toolbox
12Robust controle toolbox
13Aerospace toolbox
14Antenna toolbox
2Milling m/c
4Drilling m/c
5Power hacksaw
6Surface grinder
8Wood turning lathe
9Wood planar
10Electric Arc Welding sets and booths
11 MIG welding machine
12TIG Welding machine
14Radial drill machine
17High speed precision lathe

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