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FAQs – Mechanical Engineering

Why Mechanical Engineering?

Mechanical engineering is one of the oldest core branches of engineering and it is referred as ‘mother’ of all the branches of engineering. The appealing feature of this branch is its broad application base which is extremely diverse. Almost all the inventions in the field of science and technology may be directly or indirectly attributed to various sub-branches of Mechanical Engineering such as Engineering mechanics, thermodynamics, robotics, kinematics, manufacturing, design and structural analysis, fluid mechanics etc. The Mechanical engineering concepts are applied in the process of designing state-of-the-art manufacturing units, process units, machine building, power plant equipment, refrigeration and air-conditioning equipment, automobiles and their engines, aircraft and aerospace parts, industrial machinery etc. Mechanical engineers not only design new mechanical systems but they are also responsible for manufacturing, testing and maintaining them.

 What are the basic traits required for a Mechanical Engineer?

The entry into this branch of engineering requires certain basic traits. Apart from being good in physics and mathematics, one must have a penchant for mechanical components, physical phenomenon, practical real time problem troubleshooting and machinery and how these machines work and should possess an eye for details. Further, one must have immense patience, ability to work for long hours and an inventive spirit for becoming a successful mechanical engineer.

Q. What are the various placement opportunities available after completing B. Tech in Mechanical Engineering? 


Mechanical Engineering Department organizes “Job Junction” in collaboration with ISHRAE which brings a pool of HVAC companies like Bluestar, Voltas, Daikin, Carraire, Sterling, Resistoflex, Kirloskar, Edgetech etc. Several students associated with ISHRAE chapter participate in the job junction and thus finally get secured excellent placement opportunities.

What are the modern avenues available to a Mechanical Engineer?

Apart from the conventional roles and responsibility, the scope of mechanical engineering is leaping beyond its traditional boundaries. Recent engineering trends in which a mechanical Engineer can focus are Heating, Ventilation & Air-conditioning (HVAC), nanotechnology, advanced material science, robotics, additive manufacturing, artificial intelligence, biomedical applications, environmental conservation, etc. In nutshell it can be considered that mechanical engineering offers a wide variety of research and job opportunities to students who are looking for a stable and stimulating career.

How can a Mechanical Engineer respond to today’s dynamics of job markets in India?

The resurgence of mechanical engineering was quite spectacular in recent years due to the regular progressive nature of development worldwide. According to survey, this is the most sought after branch preferred by students seeking admission to various technical institutes across India in the recent years. The job market for mechanical engineers is perennial. Even the vagaries of the global economic crisis could not knock out the demand for these professionals in the Indian job market. Although some branches of mechanical engineering went out of focus during the meltdown period, the overall situation was much better as compared with other careers. On the brighter side, things are getting back to normal and this evergreen career path is again gaining favor amongst career aspirants as it did during the pre-meltdown years.

Can a Mechanical Engineer be absorbed in Defence forces?

Yes, career in the Indian Defence service is lot more than just element of pride in donning the uniform, be it army, air force or navy. There is nothing to beat a career in the Defence forces, crucial responsibilities, service to the nation, respect from all sections of society all rolled into one. Training for the Defence services automatically qualifies students to become full-fledged officers of the service to which they are appointed. They are guaranteed a job, along with all the perks and allowances, many of which continue even after retirement. Jobs in the Defence Services involve a great deal of power and authority, though there are frequent transfers. Competent officers always have a chance of being promoted to senior positions over the years.

Yes, a mechanical engineering can be absorbed in defence forces as technical officers, teaching and various other relevant profiles.

How much salary a student is normally offered after graduating?

Depending on the ability of the students the average salary range for fresh B.Tech Mechanical Engineer is from 3 LPA to 6 LPA.  However there is no upper limit to the salary for exceptionally students owing to numerous career opportunities.

What are the special resources/facilities available in Mechanical Engineering?

Mechanical engineering students are groomed by a team of highly motivated, qualified and talented faculty members coming from a rich technological, industrial & academic background. Also the students are trained on the modern, state of art equipments in our labs, so as to generate a team of highly competent employable engineering graduates.With most of the faculty members having experience in experimental and computational areas, the students can hope to get valuable guidance.

Is there any industrial training planned during the B. Tech. in Mechanical Engineering?

Yes, our students go for industrial training of approximately 18 weeks during various different  year. During such training, the students are exposed to various activities related to maintenance/ overhaul, design and development, and various manufacturing processes and related documentation. Thus, they get exposed to the functioning of typical industries which proves helpful in placement and thereafter in their industrial career.

Are the students taken on educational visits during the course of B.Tech. program?

The students are taken on industrial visits in industries of repute for familiarization with various mechanical processes and equipments and to see the functioning of the industry and various manufacturing processes followed there. During the visit the students are exposed to foundry and forging shops, machine shops, sheet metal workshop, power plants, automotive, ancillaries, HVAC and many more industries.

What is different software used by the students of Mechanical Engineering?

  1. CATIA
  2. Pro-E / CREO
  3. AutoCad
  4. Unigraphics
  5. ANSYS
  6. Solidedge
  7. Matlab
  8. Design Expert
  9. Microsoft office

What are the various co-curricular activities organized in the Mechanical Department?

The following professional clubs and societies are there in the department, where co-curricular activities regularly being conducted:

  • SAE collegiate club
  • ISTE Club
  • QCFI
  • ASQ

Besides this, the department regularly conducts guest lectures, Seminars, skill development proframs and Workshop for updating the knowledge of faculty and students with the latest technology.


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