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Research Publications in International Journals

Research Publications of Faculty Members in International Journals 
(Duration: From starting of career of individual faculty member to Jan. 2017 )
S. No.FacultyDept.Title of PaperName of All Author(s) as per publication                                           (Sequence First Name, Middle Name and Last Name)Name of Author(s) as per publication                                           (Sequence First Name, Middle Name and Last Name)Name of Outside Author(s) other than MRIU (Sequence First Name, Middle Name and Last Name)Name of JournalJournal Published from                  (Country Name)Name of PublisherVolume/Issue, Page Number(s) and Year of publication             (In sequence only)Publication MonthPublication YearPublication under MRIU banner or not              (Y/N)Impact factor of JournalWHETHER LISTED IN SCOPUS OR NOT, IF YES THEN WRITE SCOPUS PAPER IDWHETHER LISTED IN GOOGLE SCHOLAR IF YES THEN WRITE  PAPER DETAILSWHETHER LISTED IN            WEB OF SCIENCE  IF YES THEN WRITE  PAPER DETAILS
MRIU Author-1MRIU Author-2MRIU Author-3MRIU Author-4
1FETMATHSA New S-Type Iteration Scheme for Generalized Nonexpansive MappingsIzhar Uddin, Arti SaxenaArti SAxenaIzhar UddinProceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, India Section A: Physical SciencesUSASpringerpp 1–5Jan-182018Y0.17YESYESYES
2FETMATHSHypertension and Coronary Heart Disease Risks for a Type II Diabetic Patient With or Without Intake of Alcohol: A Mathematical ModelRicha Gupta and Deepak KumarDeepak KumarRicha GuptaAdvanced Science, Engineering and MedicineUSAAmerican Scientific Publishers.Volume 9, Number 9 709–712Sep-172017Y0.14YESYES
3FETMATHSOn estimating the parameters of the Burr XII
model under progressive type-I interval censoring
R. Arabi Belaghi , M. Noori Asl & Sukhdev SinghSukhdev SinghR. Arabi Belaghi , M. Noori AslJournal of Statistical Computation and SimulationUKTaylor and Francis
4FETMATHSNumerical Model for Glucose Metabolism for Various Types of Food and Effect of Physical Activities on Type 1 Diabetic Patient.Richa Gupta and Deepak KumarDeepak KumarRicha GuptaApplied MathematicsUSAScientific & Academic Publishing7(2): 19-22.May-172017Y0.752NYae
5FETMATHSEnhancing Security System using Finger Print
based Authentication
Lalit Negi, Anju Gupta, Pooja KhuranaPooja KhuranaLalit Negi, Anju GuptaInternational Journal of Computer ApplicationsUSAUSA
Foundation of Computer Science,
Volume 166 – No.3,May-172017YNIlNyes
6FETMATHS Mathematical Model on Influenza Disease with Re-SusceptibilityVinod Kumar Bais, Deepak KumarDeepak KumarVinod kumar BaisAustralian Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences,JordanInternational Network for Scientific Information Publication (INSI)10(15) October 2016, Pages: 177-182 .Oct. 20162016Y0.12NY
7FETMATHSWeak Compatibility and Related Fixed Point Theorem for Six Maps in Multiplicative Metric SpaceKamal Kumar1, Nisha Sharma2, Rajeev Jha3, Arti Mishra2, Manoj Kumar4Arti MishraKamal Kumar1, Nisha Sharma2, Rajeev Jha3,  Manoj Kumar4Turkish Journal of Analysis and Number TheoryUnited StatesScience and Education PublishingVol. 4, No. 2, 2016, pp 39-43. July 162016YNo
8FETMATHSIntuitionistic Trapezoidal Fuzzy Prioritized Weighted Average Operators: An Algorithm for the Suitable Treatment for Lung CancerVijay kumar, H.D Arora, Kiran pal,Vijay KumarH.D Arora, Kiran pal,Journal of  Applied Probability & Statistics 2016,PakistanISOSS PublicationsVol. 11, No. 1, pp. 91-104May2016YYes
9FETMATHSExpected Utility Entropy Model Under Risk by Tsalli’s Measure of Entropy, H.D Arora, Vijay kumarVijay KumarH.D Arora,Journal of  Applied Probability & Statistics 2016,PakistanISOSS PublicationsVol.11, No. 1, pp. 115-120May2016YYes
10FETMATHSContinued-Implicit-Relation-and-Common-Fixed-Point-Theorems-in-Complex-Valued-Metric-SpaceArti Mishra,  Nisha SharmaArti MishraNisha SharmaInternational Journal of Scientific and Engineering ResearchUSAIJSER Research PublicationUSA, Vol 7, Issue 4, April-2016, Impact Factor-3.8.April2016Y3.8NilYes
11FETMATHSStudents’ Perspective (Stream Wise) of Parameters Affecting the Undergraduate
Engineering Education: A Live Study
 Neeraj Kumari, Deepak Kumar Neeraj Kumari,Deepak KumarEast Asian Journal of Business ManagementSouth KoreaEast Asian Journal of Business Management4-1 (2016) 25-30January2016Y0.987NilYes
12FETMATHSA Mathematical Model on Glucose-Insulin
Regulatory System with the Impact of Physical
Sandhya Singh and Deepak KumarSandhya SinghDeepak KumarComputational and Mathematical BiologyAustraliaiConcepts PublishersIssue 5(1), 2016January2016YNilNilYes
13FETMATHSSome Mathematical Models for EpidemiologyVinod kumar Bais and Deepak Kumar Deepak KumarVinod kumar BaisInternational Journal of Scientific & Engineering ResearchFranceIJSER Research PublicationVolume 6, Issue 10,October 2015,Oct. 20152015Y3.2NilYes
14FETMATHSMucus Transport in the Larger Airway Due to Prolonged Mild Cough: Effect of Serous Fluid and Cilia BeatingArti Saxena, A. P. TyagiArti SaxenaA.P. Tyagi,Chemical and Process Engineering ResearchUSApublished by IISTE. pp62-69, Vol.31, 2015Jun-152015Y5.51NilYes
15FETMATHSStudents’ Perspective of Parameters Affecting the Quality of Education in Undergraduate Engineering Institution Based on Factor Analysis/Loadings Neeraj Kumari, Deepak Kumar Neeraj Kumari,Deepak KumarEntrepreneurship and Innovation Management JournalPakistanAcademy of Business & Scientific ResearchVolume: 2, Issue: 1 (Feb.), Pages: 8-21.Feb. 20142014Y0NilyesNo
16FETMATHS Mathematical Model of Homogeneous Tumor With Delay In Time.SHASHIKANT SHARMA, DEEPAK KUMAR & SANJEEV KUMAR Deepak KumarSHASHIKANT SHARMA, SANJEEV KUMARAfrican Journal of Mathematics and Computer Science ResearchNigeriaAcademic Journals Vol. 4(5), pp. 201-207, May 2011.May-112011Y0NilyesNo
17FETMATHSA Mathematical Model of Radio immunotherapy for Tumor Treatment.DEEPAK KUMAR AND SANJEEV KUMAR Deepak Kumar SANJEEV KUMARAfrican Journal of Mathematics and Computer Science ResearchNigeriaAcademic JournalsVol. 3(6), June 2010, pp. 101–106.2010Y0NilyesNo
18FETMATHS Oscillatory MHD flow of blood through an artery with mild stenosis.Sanjeet Kumar, Sanjeev Kumar & Deepak KumarDeepak KumarSanjeet Kumar, Sanjeev KumarIJE Transactions A: Basic,IranMaterials and Energy Research CenterVol.22, No.2, 125-130.2009N1.25yesyesyes
19FETMATHSA Comparative Study of Tsalli’s and Kapur’s Entropy in Communication Systems,Vijay Kumar, YK Sharma and Prince goyelVijay KumarYK Sharma and Prince goyelInternational Journal of Computer ApplicationsUSAFoundation of Computer Science, New York62(7):5-9(2013)January2013N0NYESNo
20FETMATHSFuzzy Diagnosis Procedure of the Types of GlaucomaVijay Kumar, Isha Bharti and Y K SharmaVijay KumarIsha Bharti and Y K SharmaInternational Journal of Applied Information SystemsUSAFoundation of Computer Science, New York1(6):42-45(2012)Feburary2012N0NYESNo
21FETMATHSGeneral Pseudoadditivity of Kapur’s Entropy prescribed by the existence of equilibriumPriti Gupta and Vijay KumarVijay KumarPriti GuptaInternational Journal of Scientific & Engineering  ResearchUSAonline journal1(3) (2010)December2010N3.2NYESYES
22FETMATHSMathematical modeling of Normal Human Knee Joint Function Under Highly Loaded Conditions:One Layer Model: Effects of HA Molecules Under Squeezing (Symmetrical Case)Arti Saxena, A.P. Tyagi, K. ShekharArti SaxenaA.P. Tyagi, K. ShekharInternational Journal of Applied Mathematics and Applications-ISSN: 0973-5844ChinaGlobal Research Publications.Vol. 2 no: 2,pp. 183-195, July-December 2010July-Dec 201020100NNN
23FETMATHSMathematical model for the unsteady-state condition on
oxygen diffusion through biological floc particles
Sanjeev Kumar, Ravinder Kumar, Deepak KumarDeepak KumarSanjeev Kumar, Ravinder Kumar,African Journal of Mathematics and Computer Science ResearchNigeriaAcademic JournalsVol. 2(10), pp. 215-219, November, 2009November,2009Y0NilyesNo

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