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Students Achievements-2014-15

S. No.Name of the Project/ EventName of StudentsAppreciation / Position / Award WonYear
1Project ‘Automated Parking System’Ankit, Ishant, NikhilFirst Prize in competition organized by FIA2014
2Project ‘DigiBuzz’Rishab, Shweta, AanchalThird Prize in competition organized by FIA2014
3Project ‘Human Eye Motion Detection System’Kartik Chawla, Gunveer SinghFirst Prize in competition organized by FIA2015
4Project ‘Media Player Based on Emotion Recognition’Priyanshi, Ravi RawalThird Prize in competition organized by FIA2015
5Summer InternshipAmanpreet Kaur, Payal BatraSummer Internship for 24 weeks from DRDO2015
6Summer InternshipRahul Prakash PatelSummer Internship for 24 weeks from National Informatic Centre2015
7Summer InternshipAmit Kumar SamalSummer Internship for 24 weeks from TCS2015
Students fellowship and projects from various agencies
SnoTitle of Project/FellowshipDurationName of the Agency / Industry providing / assigning fellowship / projectAmount of Fellowship / stipened grantedRemarks / outcome, if any
1Healthcare: An analytic mobile application for evaluating vital signs. (Heart rate, BP)6 monthsR Systems International Ltd., NoidaNAStudents got outstanding remarks from the Industry.It was the good exposure to students on the new technologies in the market and also bridged the gap between industry and academia .
2Electronic College (e-College): A mobile and web application for maintaining the records of studentsOngoingR Systems International Ltd., NoidaNA
3Electronic Auction (e-Auction): A mobile and web application for product sale and auctionOngoingR Systems International Ltd., NoidaNA
4Car Pool Application: A mobile and web application for Car PoolingOngoingR Systems International Ltd., NoidaNA
Student Publication
S. No.Title of PaperName of All Author(s) as per publication                                           (Sequence First Name, Middle Name and Last Name)Name of JournalPublication Year
1Merging Clustering for improved case retrieval stage of the case based reasoningKomal , Charu VirmaniInternational Journal of Recent Research Aspects2014
List of the Patents Applied / Filed
S.No.Patent TitleName of All InventorsMRIU InventorsPatent Application No.Date of FillingType of Patent (Utility/ Design / Innovation/ Process /Product etc.)Country NameYear of FillingOnline linkPatent Details (Brief Summary)With MRIU Affiliatio No (Yes or No)
1Pneumatic bike standSujit RoySujit Roy2648/DEL/201415.09.2014InnovationIndia2014NILY
2WiFi enabled health monitoring systems for hospitalsSujit RoySujit Roy2566/DEL/201409.09.2014InnovationIndia2014NILY
3Wide Area Illuminating TorchB.S.Gill, Sujit RoyB.S.Gill, Sujit Roy1906/DEL/201409.07.2014InnovationIndia2014NILY
4Dynamic Gesture Based DeviceSujit Roy, Dheeraj RatheeSujit Roy1905/DEL/201409.07.2014InnovationIndia2014NILY
5Non-invasive method for diagnosis of jaundiceS.K.Chakarvarti, Sujit RoyS.K.Chakarvarti, Sujit Roy1907/DEL/201409.07.2014InnovationIndia2014NILY
6Physical and cognitive stress monitoring systemDheeraj Rathee, Sujit RoySujit Roy1707/DEL/201425.06.2014InnovationIndia2014NILY
73-D communication and interaction systemSujit RoySujit Roy1706/DEL/201425.06.2014InnovationIndia2014NILY
8Gesture controlled multipurpose wearable communication deviceSujit Roy, B.S.Gill, Dheeraj Rathee, Darpan Vats, Karan Narula, Nitesh KarnwalSujit Roy, B.S.Gill, Darpan Vats, Karan Narula, Nitesh Karnwal1705/DEL/201425.06.2014InnovationIndia2014NILY
9GPS Enabled Education SystemKaran Narula, Shubham Karnwal,  Shuchi Tyagi, Sumit RanaKaran Narula, Shubham Karnwal,  Shuchi Tyagi, Sumit Rana721/DEL/201412.03.2014InnovationIndia2014It is a set of Matrices that assure the quality of a software from all relative prospective.Y


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