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Manav Rachna International Institute of Research & Studies
List of the Patents Applied / Filed by faculty members and students of the University
(Duration: From starting of career of individual faculty member till date)
S.No.Patent TitleName of All InventorsType of Patent (Utility/ Design / Innovation/ Process /Product etc.)Year of Filling
1SMART SYSTEMS FOR BLOCKING INAPPROPRIATE SITES/CHANNELSDr. Meeta Singh, Dr. Poonam Nandal, Ms. Deepa Bura, Ms. Srishty JindalInnovation2017
2Call Swapper In MobilesDr. Meeta Singh, Dr. Poonam Nandal, Ms. Deepa Bura, Ms. Srishty JindalInnovation2017
3A device for the retrieval of Medical History of a personSuresh Kumar,
Vijay Kumar
4Medical Decision support machine for common diseases.Suresh Kumar,
Vijay Kumar
5DE-FLATORSujit RoyInnovation2016
6Dentist Posture BeltSujit Roy, Mehak SharmaInnovation2016
7Remote vitals monitoring system for hospitalsSujit RoyInnovation2016
8Smart Security using Modern Cryptographic TechniquesAakriti SinglaInnovation2016
9Maintaining Artificial Environment For Optimal Growth Of PlantsBhumika Chanana, Richa Yadav, Satyam MadanInnovation2016
10QUICK HELP & PARENTAL LOCKINGTanishq Ahuja, Abhishek Rathi, Srishti SandoojaInnovation2016
11“DILFERHEIT” Heart Detection SystemJyotsna, Priya Bhardwaj, Sahil GodaraInnovation2016
12Computer Vision Guided Robot For Pattern and Gesture Recognition using Machine LearningYash Sharma, Inderpreet Singh, NikhilInnovation2016
13HOME AUTOMATION SYSTEM(HAS) USING CLOUD Network and Android DeviceAkash Anand,
Dr. S. S. Tyagi
14Pneumatic bike standSujit RoyInnovation2014
15WiFi enabled health monitoring systems for hospitalsSujit RoyInnovation2014
16Wide Area Illuminating TorchB.S.Gill, Sujit RoyInnovation2014
17Dynamic Gesture Based DeviceSujit Roy, Dheeraj RatheeInnovation2014
18Non-invasive method for diagnosis of jaundiceS.K.Chakarvarti, Sujit RoyInnovation2014
19Physical and cognitive stress monitoring systemDheeraj Rathee, Sujit RoyInnovation2014
203-D communication and interaction systemSujit RoyInnovation2014
21Gesture controlled multipurpose wearable communication deviceSujit Roy, B.S.Gill, Dheeraj Rathee, Darpan Vats, Karan Narula, Nitesh KarnwalInnovation2014
22GPS Enabled Education SystemKaran Narula, Shubham Karnwal,  Shuchi Tyagi, Sumit RanaInnovation2014
23Measure the Software Quality using QualitogaugeOchin SharmaDesign2012
24Software Development Process Model: Effective ‘H’ Model
1241/DEL/2012-REF. NO. 3429/RQ-DEL/2012
Ochin SharmaDesign2012
25Architecture and Design of a Novel Tool for Effective Knowledge Representation.Dr Poonam Tanwar, Dr. T.V Prasad , Dr. Kamlesh DuttaInnovation2013
26Architecture and Design of a Novel Tool for Intelligent General Purpose Question Answering System.Dr Poonam Tanwar, Dr. T.V Prasad , Dr. Kamlesh DuttaInnovation2015
27Architecture and Design of an monitoring system  for physically disabled Person.Dr Poonam Tanwar, Ms. BanitaInnovation2016
28Design and  Architecture of Image processing tool for paralyzed patientDr Poonam Tanwar, Dr. Tapas KumarInnovation2016
29Method And System For Multifactor Biometric AuthenticationIshan Bhardwaj, Narendra D. Londhe and Sunil Kumar KopparapuNA2014
30System and Methods For Generation and Matching of Biometric TemplateIshan Bhardwaj, Narendra D. Londhe and Sunil Kumar KopparapuNA2014
31Improved system and method for video object tracking using soft Computing techniquesMadhulika, Dr. Abhay BansalUtility2013
32Enhancing Surveillance system using AI techniques through  fluoroscopyMadhulika, Monika MehtaProcess2015

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