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Helpline no. 0129-4259000

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Deemed to be University under section 3 of the UGC Act,1956


Molecular Biosciences Research Cluster (MBRC) is a central lab facility with state of art facilities for advanced research. The members of MBRC are highly motivated individuals with a vision of research in the frontier areas of Biotechnology.  Moreover, the lab extends facility for research for all types of collaborative research. The cluster is working to develop industry partnerships and is actively engaged in consultancy projects with biotechnology. The cluster members belong to diverse areas of specialization and are continuously working to develop a skilled student team for research activities. The major objectives of cluster are

  1. Establishment and equipping the research lab for advanced research facilities
  2. Training of students and faculty in advanced areas of Biotechnology
  3. To engage in collaborative projects with industry and academia.
  4. To groom students for different national and international technical competitions


Dr. Shilpa S. Chapadgaonkar
Dr. Shilpa S. Chapadgaonkar
  1. Production of thermostable xylanase
  2. Microbial consortia for plastic biodegradation
  3. In silico analysis of genetic basis of autism
  4. Enzyme stabilization in extreme reaction conditions
Dr. Alex Joseph Davies
Dr. Alex Joseph Davies
  1. Development of in anti-infective agents against Uropathogeneic E. coli
  2. Profiling of Japanese seaweed for anti-cancer activity
  3. Development of rapid diagnosis for UTI
Dr. Pushpa C. Tomar
Dr. Pushpa C. Tomar
  1. Effect of Cadaverine on Lycopersicon esculentum under multiple stress conditions
  2. Axillary shoot bud proliferation of Bambusa vulgaris through Micropropagation
  3. In vitro micropropagation of orchids
Dr. Rajesh Ghangal
Dr. Rajesh Ghangal
  1. Study of gene families in response to biotic and abiotic stress in Glycine max
Dr. Kapila Kumar
Dr. Kapila Kumar
  1. Translating the role of leukocytes in Hepatitis virus pathogenesis
  2. Predicting Viral Host protein interactions for Rabies Virus
  3. Developing a point of care diagnostic for Vitamin D estimation using Yeast Biosensor
  4. Identification and characterisation of dye solubilizing Bacteria
Dr. Soma Patnaik
Dr. Soma Patnaik
  1. Drug delivery using nano/microparticles

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