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Books Authored

Sl. No.Name of the teacherTitle of the book/chapters  publishedTitle of the paperTitle of the proceedings of the conferenceYear of publication (YYYY)
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ISBN/ISSN number of the proceedingWhether at the time of publication affiliating institutions was same (Yes/No)Name of the publisher
1Dr. Gurpreet Singh Matharou Hybrid Metal Matrix Composite development by stir casting method and environmental concerns.Advances in Engineering Materials (Lecture notes in Mechanical Engineering)2021978-981-336-028-0YesSpringer Singapore
2Dr. Gurpreet Singh Matharou Parametric Analysis of Electric Discharge Machining of Hybrid Composite Materials Advances in Engineering Materials (Lecture notes in Mechanical Engineering)2021978-981-336-028-0YesSpringer Singapore
3Mr. Sunny BhatiaRecent Advancement on Mechanical and Wear Properties of Epoxy Matrix Composite Reinforced with Varying Ratios of Solid Glass Microspheres  2021978-93-90768-09-7YesBook Publisher International
4Mr. Nitin Waghmare Mechanical properties of epoxy hybrid composites reinforced with agave fiber and zinc powderAdvancements in Aeromechanical Materials for Manufacturing2021978-0-7354-4058-6NoAIP Conference Proceedings
5Dr. Gurpreet Singh MatharouChapter titled “Transforming Management Using Artificial Intelligence Techniques” in a Book Contemporary Trends in Education Transformation Using Artificial Intelligence  2020978-100-303-241-0YesCRC Press, Taylor and Francis Group
6Dr. Sheena Sabharwal, Dr. Fauzia Khan & Ram PraveshImplementing TQM in Teacher Education: A Challenge  2017978-93-86490-15-5YesBansal Publishers- Chandigarh
7Devendra Vashist & Mukhtar AhmedAutomobile Engineering  2016978-938-458-864-9YesI.K.International Publishing House Pvt Ltd 
8Devendra VashistMechanical Engineering Fundamentals  2011978-938-057-820-0YesI.K.International Publishing House Pvt Ltd 


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