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Helpline no. 0129-4259000

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Hospital Visit

Industrial visit to Indian Spinal injury Centre (ISIC) Vasant Kunj New Delhi

On 19 th April. 2022, the students from department of physiotherapy along with teaching
faculty Dr. Priyanka Sethi and Dr. Sunita visited Indian Spinal Injuries Centre (ISIC). During
the visit with the assistance of professors and the team from ISIC, students learnt and
experienced plethora of things. The buddying physiotherapists have seen various divisions of
the Physiotherapy department at ISIC including, rehabilitation centre, assistive devices
rooms, prosthetic and orthotic room, anatomy lab, museum, electrotherapy lab, hydrotherapy
pool, specially designed advanced rehabilitation centre.
Indian Spinal Injuries Centre provides state of the art facilities for the management of all
types of spinal ailments. The team there is dedicated and supportive. The spine service
provides comprehensive management of spinal injury, back pain, spinal deformities, tumours,
osteoporosis etc.
Students have attended the post visit webinar related to spinal injuries and how to prevent
them which was organised by the faculty of Department of Physiotherapy, ISIC followed by
self-assessment and feedback questionnaires.
The visit ended up with the closed remarks delivered by Dr. Chitra Kataria-The Principal,
Department of Rehabilitation, ISIC. She has recommended all the students to practice hands
on techniques with the patients and gave open invite for the future visits to learn other
trainings conducted by ISIC including wheelchair training, pressure mapping techniques,
spinal cord injury etc. This visit has set up a benchmark for all the buddying physiotherapists
to explore more and do mastery in their domain of rehabilitation.

Industry Visit to National Brain and Research Centre (NBRC)-Manesar

On 6 th May 2022, Department of Physiotherapy, FAHS organized an industrial visit for students of
Master of Physiotherapy (Neurology) total of 10 students visited the National Brain and Research
Centre (NBRC) under the supervision of faculty members Dr. Priyanka Sethi (PT) and Dr. Sunita. The
team from NBRC guided the students to the core of their knowledge and expertise. It is an
autonomous institute and a nodal centre under the Department of Biotechnology, Ministry of
Science and Technology, Government of India. The institute is dedicated to research in neuroscience
and brain functions in health and diseases using multidisciplinary approaches. The institute pursues
research to understand brain functions in health and diseases, generate trained human resources
with the capability to conduct interdisciplinary research in neuroscience, and promote neuroscience
in India through networking among national institutions. NBRC is the only institute in India dedicated
to neuroscience research and education. Scientists and students at NBRC come from diverse
academic backgrounds, including biological, computational, mathematical, physical, engineering and
medical sciences, and use multidisciplinary approaches to unravel secrets of the brain. Dr. Arpan
Banerjee the Senior Scientist at NBRC-Manesar Gurgaon has helped us to made this visit possible.
Dr. Arpan has shown us MRI with 3 Tesla specifications, (a product of Siemen) he explained about its
functioning and usage. Also, he explicated various ways to analyse this MRI Study through structural
and Functional forms in both T1 & T2 images.This centre is one among two of centres in whole India
with this configuration of MRI. Ms. Nisha Ph.D. Scholar at NRBC has described about the methods of
analysing the outputs received after conducting MRI, and how to read the values to get the desirable
results. After this, another Ph.D. Scholar Mr. Neeraj has taken us to EEG lab, where he has given
detailed description about operations of EEG and he shared his studies on the normal population.
The Visit was really interactive and the buddying physiotherapists have shown their keen interest in
the ongoing researches as well as they raised many queries based on their understanding on EEG &
MRI with their utilization in the field of neurological rehabilitation. The aim to explore, learn and
have experiential learning and to develop the zeal to be more research oriented was well achieved
through the exposure to advanced technologies and diagnostics done to the patients. 

Ending my remarks by stating that this event would not be possible without the continuous support
and inputs of Prof. (Dr.) G.L Khanna Pro Vice Chancellor-MRIIRS who given us this opportunity to
interact with the specialists there at NRBC. The efforts done by Dean FAHS Prof. (Dr.) Moattar Raza
Rizvi and Head of Department Dr. Nitesh Malhotra who were always there to motivate us to engage
more and the transport team MRIIRS who helped us to reach out at NRBC.

In deed it was an interactive, knowledge sharing and enlightening visit to inculcate innovative skills
among the professionals.

Visit Coordinator
Dr. Priyanka Sethi


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