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Expert Lecture

Year 2021-Till date

1How much safe is surgery in covid times, Precautions & Safeguards!21.Janurary 2022Dr. Ashutosh Shrivastava is a Sr. Consultant & Joint Replacement Surgeon & HOD Orthopedics, Asian Hospital-Faridabad
2Role of Physiotherapy in Covid Rehabilitation29.Janurary.2022Dr. Tanya Bajaj (PT), HOD Physiotherapy- Kharbanda Polyclinic
3Importance of Mental Health for Healthy You During Covid Scenario11.February.2022Dr. Akshay Anjanvatikar , MBBS DNB Intensive care , CCEBDM Mumbai 
4“Ethics in Physiotherapy practice25th February 2022Dr. Prateek Gaur HoD , Department of Physiotherapy , VIMHANS Hospital 
5International Women day : Expert Talk8th March 2022Dr. Neetu Singhal , Sr. Consultant & HOD, Radiation Oncology, Asian Institute Of Medical Sciences, Dr.Simmi Manocha (Director, Department of Cardiology, Accord Superspeciality Hospital Faridabad,  Dr.Nisha Kapoor (Director & HoD, Department of OBS and Minimally Invasive Gynaecological Surgery, QRG Hospitals 
6Malpractice and Negligence in Clinical Practice29th March 2022Dr. Dheerja Babbar , HoD Department of Physiotherapy Sarvodya Hospital , Faridabad 
7Webinar on Spirituality, Peace and Yoga23.March.2022Dr. Swami Atmapriyananda, Pro Chancellor of Ram Krishana Mishan Vivekananda University
8National Webinar on “Recent Advances in Prevention and Control of Hepatitis B and C08.February.2022Dr. Manya Prasad
Assistant Professor, ILBS, Dr. Ajeet Singh Bhadoria
Associate Professor, AIIMS Rishikesh, Dr Archana Ramalingam
Deputy Director, Dr. S K Sarin: Vice Chancellor, ILBS
Dr. Manya Prasad: Assistant Professor, ILBS
Dr. Archana R:  Scientist E, NIE, Chennai
                    Dr. Ajeet Singh Bhadoria
Associate Professor, AIIMS Rishikesh
Dr. Ekta Gupta
            Professor, ILBS

NIE ICMR, Chennai

9Guest talk on Placement Strategies and superset portal registration06.May .2022Ms. Shalini Khatri, Head CRC-MRIIRS
10Career option in Physiotherapy16.May 2022Dr.Sidharth bhatia
11Basic understanding on EMG18.May .2022Mr.Manish Kumar singh

Year 2020-2021

Expert talk on: laboured breathing to ease breathing, a journey of COVID-19 paitent with physiotherapy treatment by Dr. Priyanka Golcha6/20/20206/20/2020
Expert Lecture on “Hypertension and Diabetes: building immunity during COVID-19 times’ by Dr. Bani mam, Assistant Professor, Institute of Home Economics, Delhi University and Dr. Tarun Lala, Head and Physiotherapist, Max Hospital4/7/20204/7/2020
ExpertTalk On: Entagling notes of Pain: from origin to releif by Dr.Sandeep Singh, Punjabi University7/29/20207/29/2020
Alumni speaks: Cervical radiculopathy usally misdiagnosed and treated by Dr.Yogesh1/8/20201/8/2020
ExpertTalk On: Safety, benefits and guidelines of exercise during all trimesters of pregnancy, a International Speaker from Auckland Dr. Pratibha Sehgal7/8/20207/8/2020
xpertTalk On: Dr. Faizan Zafar Kashoo on Prioprocetive Neuromuscular Training. Iternational Speaker From Saudia8/22/20208/22/2020
“General awareness on COVID 19 and also teleconsultation with patients6/9/20206/9/2020
Expert talk on Geriatric rehabilitation by Dr. Sonia Singh, Punjabi Univesity8/9/20208/9/2020
ExpertTalk On: Physical Activity in reducing Cardiovascular Risk by Dr.Shambavi ISIC10/9/202010/9/2020

Year 2019-2020

World Physiotherapy Day,Sept 20199/7/20199/9/2019
“Recent advancements in ICU and physiotherapy management”9/20/20199/20/2019
To be a successful physiotherapist8/30/20198/30/2019
Women Health and Exercises8/2/20198/2/2019
Expert lecture on ‘Expedite Education Consultancy Drive for Foreign Education’ by Dr. Siddharth Bhatia1/20/20201/20/2020
Hands-on workshop on ‘Bobath/NDT Perspective Management of Adult Stroke and Brain Injury’1/30/20201/31/2020
Expert lecture on ‘Role of Endocrine Glands’ by Dr. Arun Kumar Singh2/19/20202/19/2020

Year 2018-2019

FDP-Recent trends in teaching and research in Applied science2/7/20186/7/2018
World Physiotherapy Day,Sept 20189/10/20189/10/2018
Advancements In The Othopaedics And Physiotherapy For Arthritis1/29/20191/29/2019

Year 2017-2018

Expert lecture on Strength Conditioning by Dr. Oleksander11/1/201711/1/2017
FDP on Awareness Drive for the prevention of Diseases7/1/20177/1/2017
FDP on Periodization11/1/201711/1/2017
FDP on Healthy & A Consistent Holistic Lifestyle1/13/20171/13/2017
FDP by Dr. Klaus Peter Herm10/16/201710/16/2017

Year 2016-2017

Quality Assurance in Higher Education1/16/20161/16/2016
Doctor Patient Relationship3/19/20163/19/2016
Expert talk on Human Motion Analysis by Dr. Gokul Kandasamy,senior lecturer,Teesside University,UK3/30/20163/30/2016
Ethics at workplace2/4/20162/4/2016
Folic acid supplementation for pregnant women4/16/20164/16/2016
Entrepreneurship Mnagement3/5/20164/5/2016
How to file a patent & its importance5/20/20165/20/2016
Library Orientation5/21/20165/21/2016
Expert talk on Physical activity and its benefits by Dr. Finn Bergglow7/26/20167/26/2016
How to stay healthy and young8/20/20168/20/2016
Expert lecture on Entrepreneurship Management by Mr. Karan Vijhani,MD -Being Healthy Org8/31/20168/31/2016
Vestibular Rehabilitation1/9/20161/9/2016
Expert talk on Fascia-Myth or Reality by Dr. Kapil Chauhan,HOD,Deptt of Physiotherapy,QRG Central Hospital,Faridabad8/9/20168/9/2016
Expert talk on Common Ailments of spine by Dr. Tarun Sharma,HOD,Deptt of Cardiology,QRG Central Hospital,Faridabad8/9/20168/9/2016
Expert talk on Cardiac Health-Do’s & Don’t by Dr. Gajinder Goyal,HOD,Deptt of Neurology,QRG Central Hospital,Faridabad8/9/20168/9/2016
Expert talk on Potentials of being a Physiotherapist by Ms Vesna Jacob,International Pilates Trainer & Wellness Expert8/9/20168/9/2016
World Physiotherapy Day8/9/20168/9/2016
Cancer Awareness Day9/29/20169/29/2016
Expert talk on Myths & Beliefs of Cancer by Dr. Aditya Murli,Senior Oncologist,Sarvodaya Hospital,Faridabad9/29/20169/29/2016
Expert talk on Experiences in surviving cancer by Mr. Arun Gupta,Founder-Win over Cancer Foundation9/29/20169/29/2016
Expert talk on Let’s join hands against cancer by Mr. Tarun Sharma,Motivational Speaker9/29/20169/29/2016

Year 2015-2016

Expert lecture on SENSORY INTEGRATION THERAPY by Dr. Divya Khanna,Manual Care Physio Clinic1/22/20151/22/2015
Expert lecture on MEDICAL OZONE THERAPY by Dr. Prashant Bajpai,Spine Ortho Pain Centre,Delhi3/26/20153/26/2015
Anaemia Awareness Program2/4/20152/4/2015
National Workshop on Anti-Doping6/25/20156/26/2015
Positive Thinking and Attitude1/8/20151/8/2015
Predictive Modelling using Regression Analysis3/10/20153/10/2015
Invited talk on Physiotherapy trends in Finland and India by Ms Annamaija ID, Korhonen & Paula Harmokini, Saloranta Principal lecturer LAMK,University of Applied Sciences,Finland12/10/201512/10/2015
Invited talk by Prof. Michiyoshi Ae and Omohri from University of Tsukuba,Japan10/14/201510/16/2015
Indo-Japanese Conclave10/18/201510/18/2015
Invited talk on A Manual of Autogenic Training-A short guide to autogenic training for children and adults in daily praxis 2015 by Dr. Klaus Peter Herm & Dr. GL Khanna9/16/20159/16/2015
Office Functioning11/21/201511/21/2015

Year 2014-2015

Title of EventFrom Date (DD-MM-YYYY)To Date (DD-MM-YYYY)
Expert lecture on VOJTA THERAPY by Dr. Harpreet Singh,AIIMS12/9/201412/9/2014
Expert lecture on SHOULDER ASSESSMENT by Dr. J. Maheshwari,Orthopaedic surgeon10/15/201410/15/2014
Expert lecture on ICU MANAGEMENT by Dr. VP Gupta,CTVS Centre,AIIMS8/17/20148/17/2014
Expert lecture on DRY NEEDLING by Dr. Vikrant Bhardwaj,Dry Needling Expert7/2/20147/2/2014
International Workshop on Physiological Basis of Training and Exercise Prescription1/15/20141/15/2014
International Seminar on “Contemporary Perspective on Health”2/4/20142/4/2014
International Seminar on Growth & Development4/24/20144/24/2014
Anti-Doping Workshop7/14/20147/15/2014


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