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Expert Lecture

Expert talk on: laboured breathing to ease breathing, a journey of COVID-19 paitent with physiotherapy treatment by Dr. Priyanka Golcha6/20/20206/20/2020
Expert Lecture on "Hypertension and Diabetes: building immunity during COVID-19 times' by Dr. Bani mam, Assistant Professor, Institute of Home Economics, Delhi University and Dr. Tarun Lala, Head and Physiotherapist, Max Hospital4/7/20204/7/2020
ExpertTalk On: Entagling notes of Pain: from origin to releif by Dr.Sandeep Singh, Punjabi University7/29/20207/29/2020
Alumni speaks: Cervical radiculopathy usally misdiagnosed and treated by Dr.Yogesh1/8/20201/8/2020
ExpertTalk On: Safety, benefits and guidelines of exercise during all trimesters of pregnancy, a International Speaker from Auckland Dr. Pratibha Sehgal7/8/20207/8/2020
xpertTalk On: Dr. Faizan Zafar Kashoo on Prioprocetive Neuromuscular Training. Iternational Speaker From Saudia8/22/20208/22/2020
“General awareness on COVID 19 and also teleconsultation with patients6/9/20206/9/2020
Expert talk on Geriatric rehabilitation by Dr. Sonia Singh, Punjabi Univesity8/9/20208/9/2020
ExpertTalk On: Physical Activity in reducing Cardiovascular Risk by Dr.Shambavi ISIC10/9/202010/9/2020

World Physiotherapy Day,Sept 20199/7/20199/9/2019
“Recent advancements in ICU and physiotherapy management”9/20/20199/20/2019
To be a successful physiotherapist8/30/20198/30/2019
Women Health and Exercises8/2/20198/2/2019
Expert lecture on 'Expedite Education Consultancy Drive for Foreign Education' by Dr. Siddharth Bhatia1/20/20201/20/2020
Hands-on workshop on 'Bobath/NDT Perspective Management of Adult Stroke and Brain Injury'1/30/20201/31/2020
Expert lecture on 'Role of Endocrine Glands' by Dr. Arun Kumar Singh2/19/20202/19/2020

FDP-Recent trends in teaching and research in Applied science2/7/20186/7/2018
World Physiotherapy Day,Sept 20189/10/20189/10/2018
Advancements In The Othopaedics And Physiotherapy For Arthritis1/29/20191/29/2019

Expert lecture on Strength Conditioning by Dr. Oleksander11/1/201711/1/2017
FDP on Awareness Drive for the prevention of Diseases7/1/20177/1/2017
FDP on Periodization11/1/201711/1/2017
FDP on Healthy & A Consistent Holistic Lifestyle1/13/20171/13/2017
FDP by Dr. Klaus Peter Herm10/16/201710/16/2017

Quality Assurance in Higher Education1/16/20161/16/2016
Doctor Patient Relationship3/19/20163/19/2016
Expert talk on Human Motion Analysis by Dr. Gokul Kandasamy,senior lecturer,Teesside University,UK3/30/20163/30/2016
Ethics at workplace2/4/20162/4/2016
Folic acid supplementation for pregnant women4/16/20164/16/2016
Entrepreneurship Mnagement3/5/20164/5/2016
How to file a patent & its importance5/20/20165/20/2016
Library Orientation5/21/20165/21/2016
Expert talk on Physical activity and its benefits by Dr. Finn Bergglow7/26/20167/26/2016
How to stay healthy and young8/20/20168/20/2016
Expert lecture on Entrepreneurship Management by Mr. Karan Vijhani,MD -Being Healthy Org8/31/20168/31/2016
Vestibular Rehabilitation1/9/20161/9/2016
Expert talk on Fascia-Myth or Reality by Dr. Kapil Chauhan,HOD,Deptt of Physiotherapy,QRG Central Hospital,Faridabad8/9/20168/9/2016
Expert talk on Common Ailments of spine by Dr. Tarun Sharma,HOD,Deptt of Cardiology,QRG Central Hospital,Faridabad8/9/20168/9/2016
Expert talk on Cardiac Health-Do's & Don't by Dr. Gajinder Goyal,HOD,Deptt of Neurology,QRG Central Hospital,Faridabad8/9/20168/9/2016
Expert talk on Potentials of being a Physiotherapist by Ms Vesna Jacob,International Pilates Trainer & Wellness Expert8/9/20168/9/2016
World Physiotherapy Day8/9/20168/9/2016
Cancer Awareness Day9/29/20169/29/2016
Expert talk on Myths & Beliefs of Cancer by Dr. Aditya Murli,Senior Oncologist,Sarvodaya Hospital,Faridabad9/29/20169/29/2016
Expert talk on Experiences in surviving cancer by Mr. Arun Gupta,Founder-Win over Cancer Foundation9/29/20169/29/2016
Expert talk on Let's join hands against cancer by Mr. Tarun Sharma,Motivational Speaker9/29/20169/29/2016

Expert lecture on SENSORY INTEGRATION THERAPY by Dr. Divya Khanna,Manual Care Physio Clinic1/22/20151/22/2015
Expert lecture on MEDICAL OZONE THERAPY by Dr. Prashant Bajpai,Spine Ortho Pain Centre,Delhi3/26/20153/26/2015
Anaemia Awareness Program2/4/20152/4/2015
National Workshop on Anti-Doping6/25/20156/26/2015
Positive Thinking and Attitude1/8/20151/8/2015
Predictive Modelling using Regression Analysis3/10/20153/10/2015
Invited talk on Physiotherapy trends in Finland and India by Ms Annamaija ID, Korhonen & Paula Harmokini, Saloranta Principal lecturer LAMK,University of Applied Sciences,Finland12/10/201512/10/2015
Invited talk by Prof. Michiyoshi Ae and Omohri from University of Tsukuba,Japan10/14/201510/16/2015
Indo-Japanese Conclave10/18/201510/18/2015
Invited talk on A Manual of Autogenic Training-A short guide to autogenic training for children and adults in daily praxis 2015 by Dr. Klaus Peter Herm & Dr. GL Khanna9/16/20159/16/2015
Office Functioning11/21/201511/21/2015

Title of EventFrom Date (DD-MM-YYYY)To Date (DD-MM-YYYY)
Expert lecture on VOJTA THERAPY by Dr. Harpreet Singh,AIIMS12/9/201412/9/2014
Expert lecture on SHOULDER ASSESSMENT by Dr. J. Maheshwari,Orthopaedic surgeon10/15/201410/15/2014
Expert lecture on ICU MANAGEMENT by Dr. VP Gupta,CTVS Centre,AIIMS8/17/20148/17/2014
Expert lecture on DRY NEEDLING by Dr. Vikrant Bhardwaj,Dry Needling Expert7/2/20147/2/2014
International Workshop on Physiological Basis of Training and Exercise Prescription1/15/20141/15/2014
International Seminar on “Contemporary Perspective on Health”2/4/20142/4/2014
International Seminar on Growth & Development4/24/20144/24/2014
Anti-Doping Workshop7/14/20147/15/2014


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