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Helpline no. 0129-4259000

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Faculty of Dental Sciences Department

S. No.Registration No.NameYear of AdmissionDepartmentSupervisor NameJoint SupervisorTitle/ broad AreaNo. of Publication till date
119/Ph.D/077Anchal Varshney2019Oral PathologyDr. Shivani Aggarwal, Professor, Dept of Oral Pathology, FDS, MRIIRSNACorrelation Of Histomorphometric Parameters And Expression Of KI-67 To Assess The Proliferative Activity Of Epithelium Of Odontogenic Keratocysts1
2MRIIRSPHD554_2020Anubhava Vardhan Sharma2020Public Health DentistryDr. Meena Jain, Associate Professor & Head, Dept of Public Health Dentistry, FDS, MRIIRSNAPeriodontal Risk Assessment Model Assessing The Risk Factors Of The DiseaseCourse Work in Progress
3MRIIRSPHD754_2020Dax Abraham2020Endodontics And Conservative DentistryDr. Arundeep Singh, Principal & Professor, FDS, MRIIRSNA Post Endodontic Pain & Antibacterial Efficacy Of Irrigating Solutions In Root Canal TreatmentCourse Work in Progress
4MRIIRSPHD849_2020Nipun Dhalla2020Oral And Maxillofacial SurgeryDr. Ashim Aggarwal, Vice Principal & Professor, FDS, MRIIRSNAComparison Of PRF & Bone Graft Using Biostimulation In Extraction SocketCourse Work in Progress
519/Ph.D/078Lipika Gopal2019Oral And Maxillofacial SurgeryDr. Ashim Aggarwal, Vice Principal & Professor, FDS, MRIIRSNAEfficacy Of Low Level Laser Therapy On Management Of Post-Operative Pain And Healing Of Extraction Socket: A Split-Mouth Randomised Controlled Trial1
6MRIIRSPHD717_2020Manisha Kaushik2020Pedodontics And Preventive DentistryDr. Shweta Sood, Professor , Dept of Pedodontics, FDS, MRIIRSNA Awareness Of Oral Health Among General PractitionersCourse Work in Progress
7MRIIRSPHD818_2020Ruchi Pandey2020Oral Medicine And RadiologyDr. Sumit Bhateja, Associate Professor, Dept of Public Health Dentistry, FDS, MRIIRSNA Genetic Polymorphisms Associated With Chronic PeriodontitisCourse Work in Progress


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