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Deemed to be University under section 3 of the UGC Act,1956

Faculty of Engineering (CSE)

Sr. No.DepartmentNameDesignationPrimary area of specializationEmail Id
1Computer Science EngineeringDr. Brijesh kumarProfessorSoftware Defined Networks, Network Simulation, Data Analytics, Web Technologies, Free and Open Source
2Computer Science EngineeringDr. Charu VirmaniProfessorSocial Network Mining, Human Computer Interaction, Information Security, Machine
3Computer Science EngineeringDr. Deepa BuraAssociate ProfessorData Mining ,Software
4Computer Science EngineeringDr. Indu KashyapProfessorData Science, Machine learning,
5Computer Science EngineeringDr. Kamlesh SharmaAssociate ProfessorNatural Language Processing (Semantic Analysis, Social Network Mining),Information Retrieval, Data Mining and Internet of Things (IOT), Machine
6Computer Science EngineeringDr. Krishan KumarAssociate ProfessorMANET, Software Engineering, Cloud
7Computer Science EngineeringDr. Kritika SoniAssistant ProfessorAdhoc Networks, Security in Cloud Computing, Big Data, Cyber
8Computer Science EngineeringDr. Madhumita KathuriaAssociate ProfessorWSN, Data science, Machine Learning,
9Computer Science EngineeringDr. Meeta SinghAssociate ProfessorCloud Computing, Mobile Ad-hoc
10Computer Science EngineeringDr. Nitasha soniAssistant Professorcloud computing, big data, genetic algorithms , Artificial
11Computer Science EngineeringDr. Poonam ChahalAssociate ProfessorArtificial
12Computer Science EngineeringDr. Poonam TanwarAssociate ProfessorArtificial Intelligence & its application , Machime learning, Image
13Computer Science EngineeringDr. Prashant DixitAssistant ProfessorData structure and algorithm, Theory of Automata and Computation ,Operating System ,Discrete Structure , Data Communication, Mobile Adhoc
14Computer Science EngineeringDr. Rashima MahajanAssociate ProfessorBiomedical signal Processing, Image Processing, Machine
15Computer Science EngineeringDr. Rosy MadaanAssociate ProfessorInformation retrieval, Data
16Computer Science EngineeringDr. S. S. TyagiProfessorAdhoc networks, Software Defined Networking, Cloud Computing, Wireless
17Computer Science EngineeringDr. SavitaAssistant Professoradhoc networks, wireless sensor network,
18Computer Science EngineeringDr. Seema VermaAssociate ProfessorInformation security, machine
19Computer Science EngineeringDr. Subhajit GhoshProfessorArtificial Intelligence, Data
20Computer Science EngineeringDr. Suman BhatiaAssociate ProfessorComputational Neuroscience, Artificial Intelligence, Software
21Computer Science EngineeringDr. Sunita VermaniAssociate ProfessorMicrostrip Antenna( Microwave)
22Computer Science EngineeringDr. Supriya P. PandaProfessorMachine learning, Data Science, Soft computing,
23Computer Science EngineeringDr. Suresh KumarProfessorNetworks, Data
24Computer Science EngineeringDr. Tapas KumarProfessorArtificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Pattern Recognition and Digital Image
25Computer Science EngineeringDr. Urvashi ChughAssociate ProfessorWireless Sensor Networks, Network


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