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Helpline no. 0129-4259000

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Faculty of Engineering & Technology (Biotech)

S.NoRegistration NumberNameYear of AdmissionDepartmentSupervisor NameJoint SupervisorTitle/ broad AreaNo. of Publication till Date
119/Ph.D/089Bhardwaj Tina Neelesh2019BiotechnologyDr. Syama Adhikarla, Assistant Professor, BT, FET, MRIIRSNAMathematical Models in Oral Cancer1 Under Review
219/Ph.D/099Manisha Jain2019BiotechnologyDr. Sarita Sachdeva
Professor, BT, FET, MRIIRS
Dr. Girija Bharat,
Founder Director
MU Gamma
Consultanta Pvt.
Ltd., New Delhi
Microplastic Analysis1 Under Review
318/Ph.D/077Mehak Verma2018BiotechnologyDr. Sarita Sachdeva
Professor, BT, FET, MRIIRS
NAQuality assessment of drinking water in faridabad city and application of biosorption technology for removal of heavy metal cadmium in water1 Under Review
4MRIIRSPHD225_2020Pankhuri Sharma2020BiotechnologyDr. Syama Adhikarla, Assistant Professor, BT, FET, MRIIRSNAComputational biologyCoursework in Progress
519/Ph.D/104Pardeep Kumar Yadav2019BiotechnologyDr. Shilpa S. Chapadgaonkar, Associate Professor, BT, FET, MRIIRSNAPhysiological effects of feed sterilization methods on experimental animals1 Under Review
618/Ph.D/089Prerna Sharma2018BiotechnologyDr. Abhilasha Shourie, Associate Professor, BT, FET, MRIIRSNAPhytochemical and Pharmacological studies of Nyctanthes arbor- tristis1
719/Ph.D/111Sangeeta Saini2019BiotechnologyDr. Manu Solanki, Professor, BT, FET, MRIIRSNAOrthotics and prosthetics1 Under Review
818/Ph.D/097Shwetang suman2018BiotechnologyDr. Joseph Alex Anand Davis, Professor, BT, FET, MRIIRSNABiologival evaluation of polyherbal formulation1 Under Review
918/Ph.D/075Sonia2018BiotechnologyDr. Shilpa S. Chapadgaonkar, Associate Professor, BT, FET, MRIIRSNAIn silico approches for improving the stability of choline oxidase1


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