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Helpline no. 0129-4259000

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Faculty of Engineering & Technology (Maths/Chemistry/Physics)

S.NoRegistration NumberNameYear of AdmissionDepartmentSupervisor NameJoint SupervisorTitle/ broad AreaNo. of Publications till Date
1MRIIRSPHD529_2020Ankita Nagar2020ChemistryDr. Mukta Sharma, Associate Professor, Chemistry, FET, MRIIRSDr. Shagufta Jabin, Associate Professor, Chemsitry,FET, MRIIRSSoil ChemistryCoursework in progress
2MRIIRSPHD677_2020Arun Kumar2020ChemistryDr Jyoti Chawla, Professor, Chemistry ,FET,MRIIRSDr. Rajeev Kumar, Associate Professor, Chemistry, FET, MRIIRSWater PurificationCoursework in progress
318 /Ph.D/085Bhanu Sharma2018MathematicsDr. Pooja Khurana, Assistant Professor, Mathematics, FET, MRIIRSDr. Deepak Kumar, Professor, Mathematics, FET, MRIIRSMathematical Modeling2
418/Ph.D./1793Deepti Ahuja2018ChemistryDr.Kalpana Varshney, Assistant professor, Chemistry, FET, MRIIRSDr. Pradeep K Varshney, Professor,Chemsitry, MRUDevelopment of Aluminum Air Battery using Innovative Electrolyte for Environmental Sustainability1
518 /Ph.D/ 081Naresh2018MathematicsDr. Pooja Khurana, Assistant Professor, Mathematics, FET, MRIIRSDr. Ravendra Kumar, KR Manglam University, HaryanaMathematical ModelingNil
6MRIIRSPHD499_2020Nisha Tewatia2020ChemistryDr. Shagufta Jabin, Associate Professor, Chemistry,FET, MRIIRSNASoil ChemistryCoursework in progress
718/Ph.D/064Poonam Rani2018MathematicsDr. Arti Saxena, Assistant Professor, Mathematics, FET, MRIIRSDr Pragati Gautam, AP, Dept of Mathematics, Kamla Nehru College DUFixed point theorem4
8MRIIRSPHD819_2020Sheela Choudhary2020ChemistryDr. Rajeev Kumar, Associate Professor, Chemistry, FET, MRIIRSDr Jyoti Chawla, Professor, Chemistry ,FET,MRIIRSWater PurificationCoursework in progress
919/Ph.D/013Sunita Kumari2019MathematicsDr. Pooja Khurana, Assistant Professor, Mathematics, FET, MRIIRSDr. Shakuntla
Singla, MMU Mullana,
Haryana, India
Reliability modeling1 Under Communication
10MRIIRSPHD581_2020Vibhuti Sherawat2020MathematicsDr. Vijay Kumar, Professor, Mathematics, FET, MRIIRSNAFuzzy Information TheoryCoursework in Progress


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