Action Plan

Details of proposed Activities to be undertaken during academic session 2017-18: 

To inculcate the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship amongst S&T students

Sr. No. Activities Duration
1. Entrepreneurial Awareness Drive (In Campus) 10 days
2. The Startup Unlocked (Seminar on Key aspects of Entrepreneurship) 1 day
3. Workshop on “how to identify a great business idea” 2 days
4. E-Week (including a number of entrepreneurial events) 5 days
5. Talk Shows/ Discussions with Alumni and other self-made Entrepreneurs 2 days
6. Induction Program on different forms of entrepreneurship 2 days
7. Session on Technology Commercialization and Business opportunities in different sectors. 1 day
8. Workshop on competency mapping, Team building, Communication and Leadership exercises 2 days

[B] To identify, develop & commercializestudents’ innovative ideas

Sr. No. Activities Duration
1. Startup Idea Pitching contest 2 days
2. Business Venture Simulation Games 4 days
3. Workshop on conducting an effective market research 2 days
4. Workshop on identifying a true value proposition for startup 2 day
5. Workshop on “how to identify a target market for your product/ service” 2 days
6. Hands On session for strategy building 1 day
7. Expert guidance on creating realistic and convincing financials for startup 3 days
8. Introduction to “Cost effective means of self-marketing” 1 day
9. Session on “What is the right time to raise external funding?” 1 day
10. Workshop on preparing an effective pitch deck and mock investor pitching session 3 days
11. Business plan competition 2 days
12. Investors Meet 2 days

[C] To enhance Industry-Academia interaction

Sr. No. Activities Duration
1. Workshop for faculties on “identifying industry expectations from academic institutions” 1 day
2. Seminars on Industry Needs and opportunities in different sectors by Industry experts 2 day
3. Organizing Faculty trainings in industry 5 days
4. “Solutions for industries” technology based innovation contest for students and faculties 2 days

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