Global Alumni Network

Manav Rachna Educational Institutions in their 25 years of the journey have travelled through several milestones and now boast of a rich alumni base of more than 34,000 individuals who have excelled in their respective fields around the globe. Manav Rachna fosters the spirit of one big family and strives to stay in touch with as many of our alumni as possible, allowing us to revel in the success stories of people who once walked the corridors of the campus. To manifest a real connection among our alumni throughout the world, MREI has established the Manav Rachna Global Alumni Network and have begun with 7 Chapters:

  1. Delhi | India
  2. Bangalore | India
  3. United Arab Emirates (UAE)
  4. Toronto | Canada
  5. London | United Kingdom
  6. San Francisco | United States of America (USA)
  7. Philadelphia | United States of America (USA)

The reins of each of these chapters respectively are in the hands of the following three personalities, the positions of which are filled by our eminent alumni members:

  1. President
  2. Secretary
  3. Treasurer

It is envisaged that the Global Alumni Network would allow our valued alumni to connect with their batchmates, seniors and juniors, by enabling them to relive some memories and giving them a platform to share their professional and social opportunities. The Chapters would also endeavour to organize talks, get together events, fun activities, etc. all of which will be supported by the Central Alumni Relations Office at the Manav Rachna Campus, Faridabad.

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