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Helpline no. 0129-4259000

Helpline no. 0129-4259000


Infrastructure – Orthodontics & Dentofacial Orthopadedics

  • The Department is equipped with all latest essential equipments. The Department provides treatment to many new cases annually,wherein faculty and postgraduate students strive to provide highest standarads of care and all treatment records are diligently maintained for future research purposes.
  • The diagnostic Digital Cepahlometric unit with computerized software based treatment planning enables the Department to perform advanced treatment planning and carry out high quality academic research. The software enables treating faculty to devise simulations of treatment before procedure.
  • High level of sterilization protocols are adhered to prevent any cross infection, using Class B autoclaves and ultrasonic cleaners for instrument care.
  • Separate undergraduate and postgraduate training areas are provided with well equipped clinical operatories with latest dental units for better patient care simulating real clinical environment which students will be working in after graduation. More than 3500sqft area is available for postgraduate section.
  • Postgraduate training is guided using high quality simulators and orthodontic instruments.
  • The Central & Departmental Library is well maintained with more than 10 international journals subscribed annually for research purpose with more than 100 reference books titles on specialty of Orthodontics. The students are provided with online access to these journals for self study. The online library also provides access to numerous e-journals of allied subjects to encourage interdisciplinary research.

Centrallyair-conditioned labs and undergraduate and post graduate clinic

3d NEMOCEPH–facilitates  the individual to diagnose and plan treatment in 3d manner  to simulate pre and post treatment  , to do facial morphing in orthognathic surgery cases , to airway analysis

CBCT to analyize the face in 3 dimensions


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