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Curriculum – Oral Pathology & Microbiology

Undergraduate Program

The undergraduate students are trained for basic knowledge of normal dental anatomy and histology and it’s pathological form for improved understanding of the oral diseases and increased skill in its diagnosis.The programme provides lectures, seminars and practicals to dental students. The students are trained in normal tooth anatomy and histology by lectures, practicals and seminars. Practical includes wax carving and microscopic slides. This enables the student to understand the normal tooth anatomy & it’s conversion into pathological form. The present day anatomy affects a long history of interaction with many clinical and basic sciences anthropology, endodontics, forensics, orthodontics & pediatric dentistry to name a few. Interns are trained in preparation of ground section of teeth and assist in oral research work by finding causes and taking case histories.

Postgraduate Program

The course is offered as a three year program. Oral Pathology is a university based discipline. Accordingly every opportunity is provided for candidates to participate in the undergraduate teaching of Oral Pathology, conduct and supervise research and to contribute to knowledge by the publication of research. The course is structured to ensure adequate coverage at an advanced level of all areas in Oral Pathology. The candidate, however, is expected to explore the scientific literature independently. Attendance at Oral Medicine clinics, histopathology review sessions (both oral and general), clinicopathological meetings, pathology and oncology grand rounds and other meetings as appropriate is expected throughout the course. The program, as with all MDS coursework programs, includes attendance at formal seminars as well as biopsies grossing, the pathology museum & private study, library work and histopathology sessions. A research project relevant to Oral Pathology which includes the preparation of a research report in the form of a thesis is an integral part of the training and development process. Whilst students are encouraged to participate in existing research programs, any area of interest that is worthwhile and achievable and for which financial support is available would normally be supported by the supervisors and then submitted for university approval. The research should result in the publication of the study in the scientific literature.

Forensic Odontology

Forensic odontology is a major branch of forensic science, as dental tissues are the strongest tissues in the human body and therefore their characteristics remain unchanged even after long periods of stay in extreme environments:the teeth can often survive long periods of immersion under water, burial under soil, fire, exposure to biological agents in the natural environment. Thus, the importance of dental identification is increasing year by year. Oral pathologists have a major responsibility in the development of this science. The updated current dental curriculum in India includes forensic odontology in the undergraduate and postgraduate syllabus and constitutes a major portion of the subject of oral pathology.

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