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Helpline no. 0129-4259000

Helpline no. 0129-4259000


Research – Department of Prosthodontics

1Dr. AMAN 2012Implant Stability measurement using Resonance Frequency Analysis and Radiographic Evaluation of Crestal Bone Loss in Indigenously Developed Implants placed in Freshly Extraction Socket  
2Dr. GARIMA 2012Correlation of the maxillary central incisor tooth form with face form and gender in a section of north Indian population – An AutoCAD analysis 
 3. Dr. ROHIT 2012Clinical survival of esthetic post restoration in maxillary anterior teeth: a prospective observational study. 
4Dr. SUSAN 2013Evaluation of push-out bond strength of carbon fiber post and glass fiber post systems luted using two different adhesive systems – An in vitro study 
5Dr. SUGANDHA 2013Clinical Evaluation of the Effect of Two Gingival Retraction Systems, Gingival Cuff and Gingival Retraction Paste on Peri-Implant Soft Tissue:  An In Vivo study 
6Dr. MUKTI 2013Comparative evaluation of accuracy of implant master models obtained by open tray pick-up technique using specialized implant stock tray and two types of custom-fabricated implant impression trays 
7Dr. AMRITA 2014Analysis of the esthetic components of smile in a section of north Indian population 
8DR. MAHAK 2014Comparison of maximal gingival display during different facial expressions and evaluation of golden percentage in a section of north Indian population – an auto CAD analysis. 
9DR. PRATIK 2014Evaluation of effect of age and dental status on posterior slope of articular eminence of Temporomandibular joint- A comparative radiographic study
10DR. AKANKSHA 2015Analysis of tooth shade matching ability of Indian dental students. 
11DR. KARISHMA 2015A study to relate tooth color with skin and eye color based on gender in young Indian adults. 
12DR. KIRAN 2015Changes in oral health related quality of life before, 1, 6, 12 months after denture insertion. 
13DR. JIGYASA 2016To assess and compare antifungal effects of ozonated water with two commercially available denture cleansers against candida albicans on heat cure resin- an in vitro study 
14DR. PALLAWI 2016Changes in salivary antioxidants levels in patients wearing removable partial dentures 
15DR DIVYA 2017To compare and evaluate the effect of using three different denture cleanser on surface color, surface roughness and flexural strength of heat cure resin- An invitro study 
16DR NIKHIL 2017Histological analysis of extraction socket augmented with an alloplast- A clinical interventional study 
17DR TANAYA 2017Evaluation of the influence of removable partial denture on oral microbial flora at different time interval and age groups- a comparative study 
18DR HEMANI 2018Comparative evaluation of marginal fit of four provisional restorative crown materials fabricated by two different indirect techniques- Scanning electron microscopic study 
19DR USWAH 2018Assessment of patient’s satisfaction with fixed partial denture and its correlation with patient’s evaluation of clinician. 
20DR SAKSHI 2018Assessment of prosthetic status, needs, severity of xerostomia and dental caries amongst head and neck cancer irradiated subjects in Delhi 

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