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Helpline no. 0129-4259000

Helpline no. 0129-4259000


About Us – Department of Periodontology

Post Graduate Clinics including a minor OT, Seminar Hall, Department Library, Sterilization Room, Patient Waiting Area, PG Common Room, and separate chambers for the teaching faculty. The treatment procedures undertaken in the department, other than routine periodontal care include, flap surgeries with bone grafts and guided tissue regeneration, gingivoplasty gingivectomy, esthetic periodontal surgeries hard and soft tissue augmentation.


  1. Diagnose the patient’s periodontal problem, plan and perform periodontal treatment.
  2. Educate and motivate the patient regarding oral physiotherapy
  3. Perform thorough oral prophylaxis, sub-gingival scaling and root planing and periodontal surgical procedures.
  4. Periodic recall and evaluation as well as post treatment instructions.


To develop high quality professionals with capabilities and commitment to the science of Periodontology, with the necessary skills:

  1. To diagnose and manage various periodontal problems,
  2. Willingness to apply current knowledge in the best interests of the patient,
  3. To acquire competency in educating and motivating the patient,
  4. Perform thorough scaling, root planing and various periodontal procedures,
  5. To familiarize with the concepts of osseointegration and basic surgical aspects of Implantology.




The mission of the Department of Periodontology at Manav Rachna Dental College is to

  1. Educate and train undergraduate and post-graduate students within the framework of contemporary periodontics primarily through evidence based research.
  2. Provide optimal comprehensive periodontal care for the diverse population of the Faridabad with rigorous quality assurance and patient’s satisfaction.
  3. Engage in clinical and laboratory based research.
  4. Promote scholarly activities including CDE’s, workshops etc that reach regional, national and international audiences.


  • Alumini post graduates of the department have started entrepreneurship, qualified for international university for higher studies and consultations of exclusive periodontal procedures in various clinics.
  • All faculty of the department are pursuing PhD .


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