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Helpline no. 0129-4259000

Helpline no. 0129-4259000


Department of Periodontology


A Dental implant center with successful placement of numerous implants and research on dental implants has been undertaken Lasers in Periodontics, An alternative to scalpel and research on lasers has been undertaken.As part of the PG program, An effort is made to encompass the vast field of Periodontology by conducting studies on microbiological, biochemical ,surgical and epidemiological aspects of this science.

ISP has certified Department of Periodontology for diligently conducting multiple events on the team, “Be Proud of Your Mouth for Your Happiness and Wellbeing” on the occasion of oral health day celebrations.


Post Graduates will have the following attributes:

PO-1 Clinical Skills: To use proper instruments for a given condition oral health promotion including primary and secondary prevention..

PO-2 Proficiency: Able to diagnose patient’s periodontal problem and perform appropriate periodontal treatment.

PO-3 Patient Prevention: Providing preventive dental care and dental care for medically compromised patients.

PO-4 Expertise: Perform thorough oral prophylaxis, subgingival scaling, root planning and minor surgical procedures.

PO-5 Principles: Ability to respect community values including appreciation of background diversity and cultural values.

PO-6 Therapeutic Management: To conserve the tooth to the maximum possible time by maintaining periodontal health.

PO-7 Collaboration with speciality: To function effectively as an individual and refer patients who require specialist care and work as multidisciplinary setting.

PO-8 Outlook: Develop attitude to impart the preventive measures namely prevention of periodontal diseases and prevention of disease progression.

PO-9 Capability Skills: To perform basic and advanced surgical regenerative procedures and demonstrate supportive periodontal therapy.



Post graduate will be able to –

PSO1 – To impart training on techniques for various procedures for oral health with relevant periodontal treatment modality.

PSO2 – To enhance understanding of etiology, clinical manifestations and differential diagnosis of common oral diseases affecting teeth and surrounding structures that could result in tooth loss.

PSO3 To have knowledge of the biochemical, microbiological and immunological aspects of periodontal pathology so as to manage the common periodontal diseases.

Infrastructure and Facilities

Department is well equipped with advanced instruments and equipment’s to carry out specialized periodontal surgical procedures and keep abreast with advances in surgical field of Periodontics. Department focuses on innovative methods for holistic development of undergraduates and postgraduates.


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