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Helpline no. 0129-4259000

Helpline no. 0129-4259000

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Policy Guidelines



 (1) In order to streamline the placement procedure and afford equal, just and fair opportunity to all categories of students the following guidelines will be adhered to with immediate effect :-

(a)  All students will be allowed to participate in all placement activities (in /off campus) till finally selected

(b) Once a student is confirmed by a company as selected, he/ she will only be allowed to participate in any further placement activity on following conditions…

  • (i) Tech students, if selected by a company other than their core competency company, will be allowed a second chance for participating in campus placement by a core company
  • (ii) To be fair to the students already selected, a second chance will be afforded to participate in the selection process of all those companies which offer a package of minimum of  One lac (p.a.) morethan the package offered by the company they have been earlier selected
  • (iii) All students will be permitted to declare one company as the ‘Dream Company’ while making the online registration at the beginning of the placement season. This will enable students to appear for the selection process as and when the ‘Dream Company’ of their choice organizes a recruitment drive, even if they have been selected earlier by a different company.

(c) A student, who confirms participation in a placement event (in/off campus) and thereafter absents himself without valid reasons, will not be allowed to participate in the next placement event (one time debarring).

(d) As regards Hotel Management (HM), it is the dream of every HM graduate to pick up a job in a Star Category hotel (4/5 star). However, since openings in ibid hotels are limited and the selection procedure very stringent, students pick up jobs in other avenues of hospitality sector viz Quick Service Restaurants (QSR). Therefore, these students would be afforded a second chance for improving their career profile. Students of Hotel Management, selected by QSR, will be entitled to participate in the recruitment drives organized by Star Category hotels (4/5 star only) till selected.

(e) MBA students, with dual specialization, have to specify their preference in advance. While registering online, the sequence of specialization entered in the registration form will be considered to be the order of preference. If a student gets selected during campus placement in the non-preferred specialization, he/she would be allowed to appear for further campus recruitment drives till selected in the preferred field, irrespective of salary differential. However, this facility can only be availed by those students, who have yet to join a company. Once a student has joined a company, even in the non-preferred profile, he/she can switch to preferred specialization, if deemed necessary, on his/her own and not through campus placement.


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