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Sahiba: French, B.tech MRU, 2018-2022-Currently placed: Xebia IT Architects, India

Ce n’est pas la mer à boire 

When I joined MRCFL for learning French language it was not at all a cakewalk. I started learning the language as I was suggested by someone that if you want to stand out of the crowd you need an extra skill and having a foreign language in your resume is like a cherry on the cake. The learning of the language was made so easy by the French faculties that there was no looking back. My interest in French culture too developed while learning it. Also, thanks to the French market in India that I was able to boast about my learning in front of my peers. I never knew that having the knowledge of French language will help me bag an opportunity in one of the tech giants ‘Xebia IT Architects India’. By the virtue MRCFL, I am able to soar high and compete in this competitive world.

Rishabh Pahwa: Spanish, MRCFL, 2021- Currently placed: Capgemini, India

I was always fascinated by the idea of learning a new language and chose Spanish, It being the third most spoken language in the world, anyone learning it will have ample career opportunities. I got myself enrolled in the basic level course. The faculty here leaves no stone unturned and ensures that everyone can learn easily. Their method of teaching breaks from the conventional way of learning by rote as it also includes audio-visuals to explain topics more thoroughly. They provide exceptionally good learning material and go the extra mile with constant personal attention that made the process of learning so enjoyable and interesting that before I had even realized it, I was speaking and writing Spanish quite well. During the course, I would look forward to my Spanish classes and it would be the highlight of my week. The time I spent here was full of fun and frolic. My experience with MRCFL has truly been memorable. The relationship with the faculty was very cordial and they always encouraged me to continue learning Spanish.

Divit Arora: French, MRCFL course, 2017-Currently placed: Institute of Export and international trade, London.

My journey of learning French language started from my family itself which later developed as an interest. I got an opportunity to enroll myself for a French language course which I felt was magnificent and I decided to opt it in Manav Rachna Centre of Foreign Languages. My learning experience was amazing, all thanks to the fun, enthralling modules and teaching methods. The faculty made sure not just to lecture us with grammar topics but also taught us some entertaining cultural topics which according to me are very essential if you plan to learn a new language and also kept the students hooked to the course.  I feel, my decision of adding the advantage of knowing a foreign language to my CV was a very mindful as now at my job I have to converse with European clients which could not have been achieved if I would not have known French.

Nikunj: German, B.Tech ECE- MRIIRS, 2013-17- Currently placed:  Dalmia Media, India.

At first, I was not sure whether I had made the right decision to learn German as a foreign language but eventually I realized that it was the best decision that one could take. My trainer believed in me and had gone out of the way to support me and made topics simpler for me to understand. The lessons were progressive, varied and enjoyable. The Modules were designed in a way that one could grasp basic grammar topics effectively. Manav Rachna Centre of foreign languages creates an interactive, innovative and motivating environment for their learners to learn and grow. 

Harsh Mudgal – Student of MRCFL, Learning French Language

Being a lover of linguistics, I undoubtedly wanted to gain the knowledge of French language. I, Harsh Mudgal, a progressive student of MRCFL would be sharing my joyful experience of learning a new language. The key to learn French is to be surrounded in French ambience! Same is done by the MRCFL department, by involving each and every student of the batch in numerous activities, games etc. “I love French, but it is difficult!”( I love français, mais c’est difficile.) is the phrase on every French learner’s lips, but with the teacher’s support we have never found anything difficult. They have always made us learn the language in a very convincing and a very joyful manner. I would really like to thank MRCFL and the faculty without which this journey won’t have been possible.

Anish  Student of MRCFL, Learning French Language

“Votre  motivation est l’ingrédient qui peut faire toute la difference!”

I joined the program to learn French but I learnt so many other valuable things. This program exceeded my expectations. It was very informative and a great preparation for academic learning. It is hard to pick out the best part. Everything was good; I learnt a lot of simple things which I can easily speak. I gained a lot of knowledge from this program. I also learned a French song. It was great! The professor did an excellent job and made us learn so much. I believe that I enjoyed the most because of my classmates who have become my friends now. Thanks a lot MRFCL for improving my French and enhancing my personality!

Priya Satija – Student of MRCFL, Learning German Language

As anyone who has learnt a foreign language will know, it is one thing learning the language in a classroom, but it is quite another putting the language into practice. The pronunciation of German that’s my current bugbear, the ö (o umlaut – oe in English) in particular. The way I pronounce the ö sound in möbel, the German word for furniture, is a constant source of amusement for my German friends. I have fun with them by getting them to pronounce these words, not an easy task for a non-native English speaker. I find the German language really interesting and useful.
“Ich heiße”, “ich komme aus”, “Bitteschön”, and “Dankeschön” –were the words I learnt in my first class. Thanks to MRCFL for providing great opportunity of learning German language.

Dhiranjan Thapa – Student of MRCFL, Learning Spanish Language

Studying a foreign language is really exiting, especially in Manav Rachna Centre of Foreign Languages. Students from different departments studying together with their seniors and juniors, and everyone showing great interest in learning the new language is a nice experience for all of us. Being an IT student, my choice for learning Spanish language was due to the fact that Spanish is the second official language in the US which is the hub of the Information Technology. It is one of the major languages of the world and it is used and spoken in many countries especially in Latin America. Like every language of the world, Spanish also has its uniqueness and peculiarities because of which we sometimes faced difficulties in understanding it, but our Spanish trainers always helped us overcome those difficulties when we could not understand properly, the conjugation of verb in Spanish, they would play audio-visuals and explain things in simpler way to make us understand it easily. The way they teach us makes things easier to comprehend and learn quickly. The problems of the students are understood and the faculty is always available to help despite their busy schedule. Thank you faculty for the great support and taking so much pain in making us learn the foreign language.



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