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There is a light above the sky,
There is water below the dry..

There is a sixth sense in the blind,
In the dark there is a hand behind..

You wish to walk forward and you are alone,
You start walking and you have your own..

You smile even if your eyes are wet,
You wipe your eyes and for anther challenge
you are set..

There are times you feel loneliness around,
that is because in the regulations its you
whose bound..

Break the chains and fly for yourself,
set yourself free and shine for yourself..

Smile before the world smiles for you..
HELP! before the world helps you..
Shout before the world shouts at you..
LIVE!! before the world KILLS you..


Perhaps an illusion

Dreams she had many
She lived in a world of her own’
Where there is no narrowing lust for gold
Together this world, we hold.
Where thieves release their bitterness
Murderers submit to love
Terrorists no longer terrorize
For a fantasy above.

She lived in a her own land faraway
Where all good tales began
In a land not dominated by the ruthless man
No poverty, no sickness
No anger , lust or hate
Where Time were not the masters
And folks were never late…

Away from reality
Inhabiting castles in the sky
She was a dreamer , who dreamt of nothingness
While only she wanted to fly…

There, she fell in love
In love with the man of her dreams,
A man, who meant her life
Quietly each day
He would step in
She would suddenly turn around
Each time he passed by
As if she slipped off the ground…

Each day, she was broken from her dreams,
By the dancing rays of the sun
She waited every moment for him
For she knew, he would come…

In his memory she spent those numerous lovely nights
Under the stars and only he, in her sight
The moon in the middle of the blue sky
With all the clouds floating by
With the fireflies flying around
And she only looked for him up at that sky and then down…

Who was he?
Some stranger who conquered her heart
Was that a dream or a beautiful reality?
Were they going to be together or would they ever part?

Perhaps she knew they would be forever
But nobody on earth saw her friend ever
To people he was nothing
So was he a part of her dreams, never ending?

Why did she relate herself to something
Reasons not known why
Why did she suddenly turn around
When in reality, to people, nobody passed by…

With whom did she talk about her passions?
Whom did she care for?
Who was he, whom people never saw
But her thoughts for him grew ever more…

She denied the fact of his not being
Although people tried to convince her
She blurred them out
For she had no doubt
The fact that each day
she had her friend
Besides her , they spent together the entire day
“she’s different”, they say…

She was forcefully brought into reality
She refused to accept
And people did nothing but pity,
Pity her , because to them, dreams were never a fantasy…

She stared blankly at that wall
With a face of confusion
Figuring out
What to believe in all that diffusion
She is cursed, laughed and hurt
To her all this was her life
But people insisted
“wake up, reality bites.”

Was he really a illusion
Or was the world in an illusion?

The fact that someone
Sat besides her every day
Someone whom she sensed in every breath
The one who told her what friendship was
Was he really someone false??

Finally she decides
Decides for herself
She withdraws,
Because of a dream…

A dream of colourful words
stroked gently against a pillow of clouds
and suddenly all clearly invades
her blue eyes deafen to
the sound of her own voice
when the thorns of reality
destroyed her friendship
Crushing it perpetually into shatters
leaving behind no wake…

Hope some day all will see what I see
my soul cries out from deep within
all is in chaos and chagrin
her soul was in a dark travail
because to her , his shadows still prevail

her life was indeed
loving someone who did not exist
but it was her madness
and sheer insanity for the rest
she cried out
yelled her throat
but the mob rejected it
she constantly tried to convince them
but nobody was ready to accept it

Dreams do sometimes become reality
but we haven’t been able to understand it
and it’s a pity
to us her love was insanity
to her , he was her passion
but to us, it is still beyond imagination…


Bio-technology .

The Chosen One
Sun is rising from the horizon
Waves are thrashing as if drunken
Standing by the side, listening!
Listening to what? The four voices..
the voice of the world, the voice of me
the voice of God, the voice of the sea

The voice of the world is the sharpest one
Always trying to engulf me up
It tries to make me lost
The time when I should not

The voice of God is the purest one
None tried to understand its worth
He is a candle glowing in the heart
Lightening the path when it’s dark

The voice of me is the silent one
Changing with the other’s reaction
Wants to have a definite shape
Always waiting yet never late

The voice of sea is The Chosen One
Silent yet the loudest one
Cheer the waves and move ahead
Leave the shore to discover new land

The other moment waves touched me
threw me out of my mystery
I found myself riding on the sea
Don’t keep waiting live your dreams


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