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Benefits Of studying Computer Science

It is an exciting aeon to be a Computer Engineer!

Been living amidst the revolution powered by computers, our choices, way of living and communication is affected in all respects. The revolution can easily be stated as Communication, Transportation, Medicine, and Entertainment Revolution. Computer Science is no doubt an exciting and extraordinary creative discipline propelling students towards innovation and technology. Studying Computer Science is much more than just logic, algorithms, abstraction, and computability. However, it expands to software engineering, networking, distributed systems, information retrieval, programming languages and many more.

Why Computer Science in Demand

Many students in India and abroad choose to study Computer Science because of the bright career prospects. Students studying this discipline learn technical skills such as programming, problem-solving, leadership, and many more. From schools to hospitals and financial companies, computer science has its role everywhere. With the high demand of computer science and technology in the industry, B.Tech Computer Science and Engineering courses have gained potential which land students in various positions- Systems Analyst, Web Developer, Finance Programmer, Software Engineer, Product Manager, Game Developer, and many more.

Five Compelling Benefits of Studying Computer Science

  • Excellent Graduate Prospects:

The job market for computer engineers is constantly growing and Computer Science students have greater chances of being professionally employed. Campus Placement is another good gateway for them to land in a good position with an industry giant. Lakhs of new jobs are predicted in the coming years.

  • Earn Big Bucks:

Computer engineers are in demand these days with the evolution of data science, big data, artificial intelligence and machine learning. All these 21st-century roles offer a high salary package with an average salary of INR 6,20,244 annually.

  • Jobs in Every Industry:

Jobs of Computer Science exist in all other fields be it education, health, finance, trading, science, engineering or transport. Software are being designed for each field and computer scientists have a great responsibility to streamline the work in each one of them.

  • Global Career Opportunities:

Computers and computer scientists have gone global now. It needs no reflection that those who study Computer Science get a majority of career opportunities overseas. This helps aspirants gain necessary skills and a greater platform to showcase their skills and step up on their career ladder.

  • Earning while studying:

Computer Science engineers have an advantage over other engineers as they can earn while they study. They can set themselves in their local area in the IT Support, web development or any other domain.

Computer Science Offers a Range of Programs

Studying computer science from a renowned college comes with a range of opportunities for the students such as agile learning, campus placement, industry visits, guest lectures, and much more. Manav Rachna offers both UG and PG courses in computer science and engineering. Industry association is the main highlight of these programmes including regular interaction with the industry experts in the specialized labs. IBM and Xebia are the knowledge partners of Manav Rachna for Computer Science and Engineering programmes wherein students are given a range of benefits.

IBM provides a Learning Management System Train the Teacher Programme, Industry Projects for students, Expert Lectures, Industry connectivity to enable students to experience the live IT environment. Xebia has set up ‘Agile Learning Lab’ at the campus to ensure smooth facilitation of lectures, and hands-on exercises of computer science students. The lab would also provide a dynamic environment for students and faculty members to communicate and work together. In addition to this, both Xebia and IBM provide internship support, workshops, placement, and courseware support. 

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